The anxiety of living in Trump’s America


My property taxes on the house is 3500 this year, value 650K.
Daughter townhouse 1200 this year, value 250K.

5% state tax, no local tax so I generally don’t get close to filing the long form.

State/local government is out of control and need to be on a spending diet.


Oh believe me, we are very vocal about our local taxes. And will probably move in the next 5 years because of them.


You are preaching to the choir.

It’s outrageous.


and how much of those taxes did you vote for throughout those years living where you’re at?


Yet for the next five years you’re going to let yourself be subjected to them.


This is a bait thread. Abort.



What’s really interesting is the number of people voting to increase those state/local taxes who don’t actually pay any of them. Now why do you think politicians would allow people who don’t pay those taxes to vote for them? :thinking:


yep. kid in the school system. maybe not 5 years, but well see.


The same thing happened in california when the little people voted to increase the state income tax on high income earners to 13.3%.


Of course. If given a choice to vote for taxes other people will pay, most will vote for them. It costs them nothing. Personally I think the only ones who should be allowed to vote on such measures are those who will actually be subject to them.


Tyranny of the majority in its full glory.


Indeed. And we wonder why the system is so screwed up now…


hah hah now it’s a jail bait thread


Did you know that you are simply reciting Trump hating talking points. I’ve seen these talking points recited flawlessly by some of the best Trump haters. I would rate your effort as amateurish at best.

Its a shame you didn’t stick around.


I actually find that hard to believe. You might have more credibility if you were more specific instead of talking in generalities.


Tax cuts.
Better judges.

Just to name 2.

7 million? Out of how many?


Perhaps you now know how it feels to be taxed out of your home.

Yet, you cannot seem to draw a parallel from a microcosm to a macrocosm. The principals and mechanics don’t change.


Is it not better than tyranny of the minority?


Is it now?

Trump cured erectile dysfunction? I didnt get the memo.


Oingo Boingo! I remember them as one of the few rock bands to have conservative themes in their songs. Their magnum opus, “Only a Lad” was about an evil kid laughing at a stupid, coddling justice system. The ending line was “Hey there Danny, I hope you fry” or something like that