The anxiety of living in Trump’s America


The founders were bright enough to understand that unbridled “democracy” is nothing but mob rule.


Judges are a tiny minority of “the people”.


Colorado has only been a blue state for the last 3 elections. The state elected GW Bush twice and voted for Bob Dole before that.

How you determined the fiasco was a product of the state is beyond me when the commission took it upon themselves to go after Masterpiece without any input whatsoever from the public after the first complaint backfired.


The masterpiece fiasco began in 2012. Hickenlooper a democrat was governor at the time.
The case began with the Colorado civil rights commission.
The commission consists of 3 democrats. 1 republican and 3 unaffiliated.
The commission is appointed by the governor.
The appeal court judges are appointed by the governor.

We have has 12 years of democrats running the state, another was just elected for the next 4 years.


If you say so. No matter what is in evidence you can hang with your false beliefs.


The Denver Metro area now controls the state and it’s overwhelmingly democrat.

This is how they are slowly retaking the country. The higher the population density the more dependent people are on gov’t thus the “party of government” keeps growing.


He signed an executive order, not a congressional bill. He didn’t have the constitutional authority to do it. He said so himself, but did it anyway.

President Trump only wanted to make it constitutional.


Yep this is accurate. Rural people aren’t dependent on government at all. Cough farm bailout Cough


Fantastic way of addressing something I never said.

By the way, only a small percentage of people living in Rural America are farmers.

Agriculture has become so mechanized we’ve eliminated about 80% of farm labor since the 1950’s.


Do you have any data that shows democrats are more dependent on the government. How do you measure that?


Again making a claim as to something I never said.

Try having an honest discussion for once, it would be refreshing.


Emphasis on the bold. Do you have data to backup that claim?


Sure, cities receive over 90% of federal aid dollars.


HUD alone has a budget of over 50bn each year and hundreds of billions more federal dollars fund city infrastructure projects such as highway improvements.

When we get a blizzard in rural America the first relief comes from the farmers and ranchers firing up their own tractors and graders to clear the roads. If we had to wait on gov’t to do it we’d starve and freeze along with our livestock.

It’s simply the nature of urbanization, the higher the population density the more people become reliant on gov’t services.

We have counties in my state with less than 10 total LEO’s where even medium sized cities can have hundreds and the largest cities thousands.


There are about 58,000 people in my county and two on-duty Sheriffs at any given time. This is why we have Stand Your Ground and Castle Laws, so people can protect themselves during their 45 minute wait time.


It’s actually a bit larger than that.

Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Greeley control the politics in Colorado.
Denver to boulder, 30 miles. Denver to Ft. Collins 65 mils. Denver to Greeley 63 miles. All sanctuary cities.

Colorado Springs, pop. 750K is a conservative city.

The rest of the state excluding a few smaller places in the wealthy mountain communities are largely conservative.


It’s available for anybody willing to look.


this is extremely naive.

Very small percentage gets those bail out…and when the little farmers that could do get one. It’s only few bucks. And when I say few buck I mean just that. 10/20 or so dollars.

Do your homework next time.

“These numbers match trends EWG has been tracking for years, which indicate that federal farm subsidies tend to benefit the largest, most financially secure farmers — or those who have a financial interest in a farm, but may never set a foot on it, let alone drive a tractor,” said Sarah Graddy, an Environmental Working Group spokeswoman

Need more info

Some of you guys will love reading this.

In 2017, over 20,000 (faux farmers) residents living in some of America’s largest cities received farm payments. They are individuals such as billionaire Glen Taylor, who owns farmland in Northwest Iowa. Glen Taylor is the owner of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves, WNBA Lynx, the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis and numerous other businesses. Taylor received $116,500 in farm subsidies in 2017. Does anyone really think Taylor should qualify as a working farmer?

Trump has the discretion to limit maximum payments to $125,000 as the USDA originally set out in the bailout announcement. However, neither a maximum limit or a means test has been enforced.

In this first round of bailout payments made in October, 85 recipients (3 in Iowa) exceeded the $125,000 maximum. The largest single farm conglomerate in Louisiana received $439,000. How can anyone justify a single farm owner receiving nearly half a million dollars in taxpayer money? The top 10 recipients (farmers) received nearly $3.5 million in bailout money.

The current means test is supposed to prohibit payments to any one farm household with adjusted gross income above $900,000 per year ($1.5 million for a married couple). It certainly appears this is being ignored.

The second round of payments will be made in December and will total $4.7 billion. Many of these same wealthy non-farmer recipients may receive additional funds in the next payout.

Like anything else in life…it’s who you know and who you can bribed.


Sounds familiar. Portland, Eugene, and Salem are liberal bastions in Oregon, while the east side of the state is mostly red.