The anxiety of living in Trump’s America


Democrats can impeach him for anything at anytime Pelosi chooses to but the chances of conviction and removal from office in the senate absent clear proof of treason of some other major felony are pretty well nil.

You’ll have to put that fantasy on hold for the time being.


As someone who has two children the Child Tax credit will be very helpful for ALL middle class families. When was the last time any Democrat gave the middle class any substantial tax relief?


My taxes went up. As did most of my neighbors.

I am not wealthy. Firmly middle class. But have high property taxes. So trump’s tax cuts result in a hike for this middle classer.


That, and they’re trying to pretend they don’t miss us so badly. lol


What is your SALT burden? I’m an NJ (highest property taxes in the US) resident married with two kids, and we will be much better off than before the tax cut. Our new standard deduction will be $24,000, which was better than our itemized deduction for 2017.


But are you paying your fair share?



I think what he/she is trying to say is it get a tingle up it’s leg when thinking about Trump :rofl:


I forget what our state taxes are every year but our property taxes are around 15K. So I’m losing 5K plus my state taxes in deductions.

We also had a kid age out of the child tax credit.


And the demoRATS play no part in your anxiety ? All the talk of open borders , anti-bible , anti- law enforcement , anti- white male , anti- voter ID , Anti -worker , anti- tax reform , anti-jobs , anti-male , anti- American , anti- capitalism , anti -death penalty , and PRO-amnesty , pro-welfare , pro- BLM , pro-sanctuary Cities ,pro TAXES , pro -entitlements , pro- abortion , pro - FREE,FREE, FREE !!!


I suppose so.

Just pointing out that not all middle classers got tax cuts under trump.


It is just late stages of TDS. If left untreated from the time of the original trauma -no doubt 8 November 2016 - the illness progresses to this stage.

There are cures. But if you self infect by exposing yourself to progressive liberal fear mongering every time you get a little better, you will live out your life with this anxiety. The choice is yours.


I don’t know a single person who didn’t realize that some people’s taxes would go up.

What tax bracket are you in now?



lol … …


Do you have any proof of that? Let’s see some evidence that taxes, within a specific bracket, actually went up.


I’m not sure what you are asking. My taxes this year will be higher than my taxes last year though my income is roughly the same.

This is because I lost my SALT deductions and because I had a child age out.


You’re likely not to get a reply as noonm seems to be a hit and run lib.


He kinda seems like an alternate account as well.


Democrats have no intention of impeaching him, they want to run against him in 2020, not Pence.


You’re part of a small minority.


How many of you have liberal friends and relatives that have CNN on 24/7 waiting for that magical day when they finally report Trump’s perp walk? Such silly people.