State Dept. witnesses are the ones who conducted “shadow diplomacy”

You know the ones who are screaming the loudest for impeachment when the facts and truth peers out of tiny prick holes of the walls of obfuscation to shine light on the ones doing the lying! After listening to most testimonies from the commiecrats star witnesses what is most apparent is how they were coached to lie under oath and not fear being cross examined due to being protected by its grand inquisitor to silence those wanting to ask the tough questions. Never mind the obvious conflict of interests, contradictories of statements given and the credibility issues that most of these witnesses have, they still roll with the impeachment process because it’s all the democrats have at this point in time. What is also apparent and has been revealing after parsing through all of the statements made so far is that its the State Department witnesses that conducted the shadow government operation to undermine a president who is determined to uncover the obvious corruption that Democrats so desperately want to stop.

In the linked article Sheryl Atkisson explains why and how in a very revealing expose that puts this story in its proper place! Democrats undermine their own subversion by the testimonies given which in Essence the American people are seeing through the sham on display!

Taylor and others also testified they assumed President Trump was seeking a campaign 2020 quid pro quo from Ukraine, and that they resisted that, too. We now know that Trump never mentioned the 2020 campaign at least there’s no testimony or documentation so far that he did. He discussed investigating corruption tied to the 2016 election.

It would seem lies told in the investigation do not count as a criminal offense.

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I think the only reason that Biden is running in the 2020 campaign is to use this “political opponent” crap as a defense for his clear abuse of power and enrichment of his family leveraging the power of the US. Biden extorted the Ukrainians.

Biden is basically a continuation of Hillary!

It’s already coming out in the testimonies of these witnesses. There are so many holes in this entire process that Swiss cheese looks better in comparison.

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And not a word about the pool changing heir testimony.

It was all covered here in terms of connecting the dots in the most plausible way possible and it makes perfect sense!


Both witnesses offered testimony Tuesday that cut right through the crux upon which the entire Democratic case of impeachment is built, which alleges Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation on the Biden family.

Volker and Morrison were each asked point-blank by Nunes whether either had been involved in any kind of bribery or extortion, both of whom answered with an authoritative “no,” and repeated their assertions that they had not seen anything resembling a quid pro quo multiple times throughout their testimony fielding the same question from several lawmakers.

So much for the quid pro quo now renamed bribery by the dems.

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Yeah I saw that and it’s telling in many ways! Jim Jordan was on point as well!

Then there is this where polls are indicating that the Democrats entire plan is about to go up in smoke.

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And as it becomes a mirror of the Mueller fiasco with little of value, they are trapped in their own cage of impeachment which they cannot escape without repercussions from both parties.

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I don’t remember who said it but somebody here in another thread pointed out that the Democrats blew their wad on the Mueller fiasco and now Americans are just fatigued by what many describe this as being Mueller 2.0! The social Democrats hijacked the party and now succeeding in turning off voters as well! When the dust settles there are going to be a lot of tears as this is getting uglier by the day! Also people who still continue to submit to their TDS is really baffling even when facts proves everything they want to believe in as being false. It’s as if they want to continue playing the buttered wife syndrome if for no other reason it gives them something to clutch on to even if it’s a trash can!


Your assessment doesn’t align with reality. Virginia and Kentucky both recently flipped completely blue. Louisiana stayed with a blue governor. Texas is going to flip this cycle. I think you will see that as Democrats we aren’t tired, we are just getting started.

That is inaccurate! Kentucky did not completely flip blue! You might want to check the voting results before making dumb statements! Which BTW has nothing to do with this thread topic! Try again little fella!

For the purposes of the electoral college, Kentucky is finished.

You are right…I was responding to a comment that already derailed the thread.

Let me see if I can get this back on track. All of you here seem to believe that there is some kind of unnamed shadow government at work undermining the brilliant master strokes of the Trump administration. Is that right? If it is, tell me why would they risk their careers and professional reputations to do such a thing? Could it be because they swore an oath to the Constitution and not to Donald Trump? If the White House is doing something or demanding something that is unconstitutional do they not have a duty and an obligation to disregard those orders and directives?

Do you guys actually support the United States of America or not?

Really? What comment was that? Do you know how to use the quote function here?

Well if that’s not circular arguing, and what a suggestion that Biden is smart enough to orchestrate, and manipulate the president, and so far in advance…

I was demonstrating that Americans aren’t fatigued by this, and that voters aren’t turned off, which is why they are flipping once conservative states blue.

Please do try to follow along.

Yeah you are dreaming when polls are saying otherwise! But keep convincing yourself your side is winning it’s pretty telling! BTW it was a comment that was relevant to what was being discussed. Conflate much? Seems it’s you that needs to stay on topic!

I have no problem staying on topic. I think the witnesses who have been testifying are true American patriots who are fulfilling the oath that they swore to the Constitution, not to the president.

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Ok. And I will disagree with you. I don’t need to explain this either because I already laid it out as far as why! You might want to try to spend some time reading first before trying to go on the Attack here, not doing so is not going to endear you to many readers here if all you have is empty shallow rhetoric that is not rooted in facts! You are fairly new here, and we have enough sycophants here saying the same nonsense!