Should Trump refuse to leave office?



It’s cute that you believe that. It really is.


Cute, correct… whatever. . . I know one thing, when I was in the Army, if I was going to shoot someone, it damn sure wasn’t going to be a citizen.


It’s cute that you don’t understand posse comitatus.


Wow a new guy on the board fat shaming. How would your fellow lard ass liberal moochers feel about being fat shamed? Isn’t that as bad as being called a racist in your circle of trigger happy snowflakes?


What’s wrong with using Apocalypto here as well? :thinking:


To get the thread back on track and not be distracted by the shiny object…

I agree with the fundamental right to vote and that we should trust the outcome.

Now having said that, I could also argue that many voters are not informed enough to vote responsibly. They hear a snippet from the MSM and a lie becomes truth and they take that to the voting booth with them.


I don’t disagree but that’s pretty much always been the case.


That it has always been the case is true.

However, I have never witnessed the extreme left gain such support as they are today.

Bernie Sanders, AOC, etc. would have been laughed out of existence a mere ten years ago.


What’s scary is it’s a little like FDR. All it would take is a depression and these morons would get voted in and would take us down the same path and we would lose more freedom.


He is an illegal immigrant. His early education was in some shithole country.
But he came to the US, said “I luvs me sum free stuffs” and now posts on boards against the very people who he took those free things from.
It is similar for our British friends here too who have faced their own influx of shitholers.


Or Fox. Or Hannity. Or Limbaugh. Or the rest of the CEC.


50 years ago they would have arrested his ass for even mentioning he “democratic socialist” and he honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

J.Edgar Hoover G men would have been so far up Sanders ass that Sanders could taste their Shampoo they used to wash their hair.


Ummm… We are not in a depression and these morons are getting voted in.


Cool. Put one of them up against any of your ilk in a debate.


I agree, but again, we’ve always had morons in Congress. Waters. Jackson-Lee. Hank Johnson. Pelosi. Going further back, Byrd. Thurmond. Kennedy. Reid. McGovern… there’s been no lack of extremists over the years, they just get more press these days due to the 24 hour news cycle.

The scary part to me is getting a President, House & Senate with super majorities that we can’t stop. It was bad enough in 2008 and it cost us dearly. I think the AOC’s of the world will go a long way to restoring sanity in Congress because people get a good whiff and will reject the shit they’re peddling. . . I hope…


Yeah, except Hannity and Limbaugh bring facts to the debate while the leftists bring nonsense and feelings…


My ilk? Gracious, didn’t realize I had an ilk. Sounds positively medieval.


Boy, they sure do. :rofl:


If you don’t think they do, you haven’t listened to them. Their conclusions may not always be correct but they bring fact, logic and reason to the table. . . while morons on the left bring feelings. . . for instance, when you see a gun grabber, most of the time they sound like this moron:


How about this guy?

Or this guy?