Should Trump refuse to leave office?


I admire your optimism and hope that the voters will reject the snake oil salesmen that comes into town promising cures and quick fixes.

I don’t. I’m one of the ones who want to run him out of town for being the charlatan that he is.


Hannity’s primary currency is pure emotion - fearmongering and hatred.

Limbaugh? Limbaugh’s primary currency is currency.


You should take that as the compliment you are due.


Great. Put Hannity or Limbaugh in a debate against your chosen champion. Worse, for your “champion” would be Levin.


I don’t see the need to seek out a media “champion.” That’s one difference between me and you.

Whether Hannity or Limbaugh win or lose a debate is irrelevant to the truth about them.


It isn’t about them. It is about the facts. And they can lay facts out faster than a liberal can run for the nearest safe space.

And the facts are the difference between me and you.


I’m glad you feel you have someone to champion you.


Do they or do they NOT bring facts to the table?


Impeachment does not mean removal from office.


That is a really interesting post.

I have been out here posting on the interwebs for 10 years, but only on a few sites, most of which failed due to Moderation screw ups.


Lol, the next time I go to a football game party with all my local cop and military buddies I’ll ask them if they would shoot me and my family for you, I don’t think you’ll like the answer.


By dong nothing to secure the border guarantees more illegals.

By doing nothing to fund more judges to move people through the system for deportations ensures they will be here forever.

By doing nothing to strengthen the asylum laws it ensures most of Central America will eventually live in the US.

Not that the GOP did anything either.

My biggest hope tis the US begins shipping every person seeking asylum to a liberal state so they can feel better about helping the less fortunate.


Didnt the new border security bill increase border security?

Didn’t the new bill add more judges?


As the saying goes “ignorance is bliss!”


Your a avatar is ugly and unimaginative! You having such terrible tastes is probably indicative of how you think too! Dam! Cognitive dissonance must really suck for you!


Democrats are in favor of sanctuary cities, you do know why they exist right Pragmatic?


Stop flirting with me, it’s embarrassing.

(I’m totally joking, please keep flirting)


They exist to follow the constitution…


sanctuary cities are in the constitution?
I must have missed that , where is in the constitution?


I can’t wait to hear this explanation.