Should Trump refuse to leave office?

Would it be unconstitutional? Yep. Spark a civil war? Perhaps. But ask yourself, what exactly is the alternative? What have Democrats said they will do the next time they are in power? Here are a few highlights.

Flood the country with more illegals and give them all the vote. We could be looking at 100 million new loyal democrats. And even ten or twenty would tip the scales in their power forever. Once they are back in power they will import as many foreigners as necessary to ensure they remain in power, forever.

Stack the supreme court if necessary to get their radical agenda past the court. Including gun bans and confiscations. Destroy the gas and oil industries, skyrocketing the price of energy, but then they’ll offer energy subsidies to the poor and they can keep voting democrat, or freeze to death. Single payer health care, gut free speech with the aid of corporations and social media. Weaponize the government against conservatives, including jailing any conservative politician who dare to oppose them and labeling anyone who doesn’t hand over their guns as domestic terrorists.

Reparations and it won’t just be for black people, everyone else in their identity politic coalition will have their hands out as well.

Seems to me the constitution would be shredded going that route as well. And if you have to have a civil war, it’s best to be on the side of the people in charge of the federal government when it starts, just ask Abraham Lincoln.

The board liberals may now jump in and claim all of the above is scare mongering, which I will gladly refute with the words of the elected Democrats who say they are for all of the above.


If the president doesn’t leave we’ll get another Putin or Erdogan. Power always corrupts.

Trump is already doing this. He betrayed us and the movement. We were supposed to be in full swing of deportations right now with a big beautiful wall at our southern border. Instead, we get this:


I’m sorry, was he talking about amnesty for millions of illegals there?

You didn’t have to wait for me to reply before providing evidence in your OP. If you knew someone was going to ask for evidence, why not provide it up front?

Show me where a Democrat, or any politician, advocates for MORE illegals.

I’ve heard that from the likes of Eric Holder… I don’t think it would ever happen.

Fearmongering… name 1 politician who has advocated for confiscating gun. Oh wait I can name one but he isn’t a Democrat.

This will happen without government help… some industries will thrive (natural gas)… some will fail (coal).

Yep and I hope they pass it…

More fearmongering… you have nothing to back this up.

You are on a roll!!! Wtf is this?

You know my stance on this… I support the idea… but it will never happen. At least not in the form of direct payment to individual descendants.

How about I just show you them opposing anything to reduce the flow instead?

Most of that is coming from left leaning media, but we have a historical example of the left resorting to at least threatening to do it as well with FDR. I certainly don’t put it past them, it’s that or reaching the point of no return on climate change after all.

You can’t be serious, what do you think is going to happen if they ban AR15’s? You think they are going to leave millions of them in circulation? Haven’t you heard any elected democrats say we should emulate Australia’s buy back program? You know that was mandatory right? I can provide links of several high profile elected democrats who have said it if you like.

I direct your attention to the new green deal.

As for not offering evidence in the OP, nobody wants to read a ten page OP, all that would garner would be tldr’s.

I don’t? We aren’t seeing people getting fired or being banned from social media sites right now for the content of their speech on a regular basis?

So, should trump refuse to leave office?

I don’t see why not. Bill Clinton refused to step down when he was impeached.

Knock yourself out… make sure you list the non-action of BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

Won’t happen… I don’t want it to happen either.

You could have saved your typing and just post a link showing the Democrats who are looking to confiscate guns? I can show you 1 republican who want to take guns without due process… wanna guess who it is?

Green new deal is a mix of good ideas and far left, crazy ideas. Some things will be implemented, while others are not.

We will be lucky if he runs, wins, and serves a second term.

He doesn’t need this shit and he won’t wear out his welcome.

The prospect of the next D presidency is chilling and real.

We will need all the checks and balances on full alert.


Nope. We get what we elect. If they ruin the country, so be it. I’ll just make damn sure I have plenty of ammo. :slight_smile:

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Where did he EVER say that he didn’t want immigration. He always spoke about ILLEGAL immigration… NEVER ONCE did he advocate killing ALL immigration.


To preempt libs from creating a dictatorship if they take power? Sure.

In fact, I think cons are under your bed this very minute planning to hold on to power.

why would Trump refuse to leave office, whether its in 2020 or 2024, he is leaving, if he is re elected when his term is over he is making a beeline out of the back door of the White House, he is finding out being President isnt as easy as he thought

Obama thought that , Clinton thought that until they had to deal with Congress.

He will gladly leave when the time comes

I predict that he doesn’t even run for re-election. He’s got poor judgement in selecting his team, he’s clumsy in trying to get his agenda implemented and now he’s reduced to spinning a few miles of wall as a success. I’ll miss his ability to get liberal blood boiling, but I won’t miss his general clumsiness as the boss. He can’t even get control of his own branch of government.

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Really? Your fundamental rights are up for majority vote? And you want to wait for the shooting to start until liberals are in full control of the federal government?

Should Fat Donald choose to not leave, he would be removed. Should some of Fat Donald’s supporters decide to take up arms in protest, they would be eliminated.

This is just Trumpist fantasy garbage, nothing more.

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Who is going to do the eliminating?