Should Trump refuse to leave office?


You know exactly who would do it. It’s not hard - I have faith in you.


Man your troll game is weak my dude.


Wow. Strong comeback.


We are very scared comrade.


Well now this certainly does look familiar. Ugh.


You might want to lay off the soy, friend. It appears to be affecting your judgement of who Trumpists would be facing should they take up arms to defend a coup attempt.


10 bucks (of monopoly money) says @keyser_soze flagged your post and tried to have it deleted. That is all he knows how to do.


The fundamental right to vote is what I trust. I will NOT justify a person staying beyond his elected term because I don’t like the results of the Vote. That’s what Libtards do. I’ll respect the election results and fight to change public opinion.


ROFLMAO. Gotta love the SJW internet tough guy talk.


It is funny that you think it would go any other way. :joy:


Ignore and report for trolling. I think we know this guy from another board.


Good grief, that’s batshit crazy. No.


In what way was my statement “trolling”? You think Fat Donald would just be allowed to stay?


Yeah sorry, he ran when people predicted he wouldn’t. He ran as a legitimate candidate when people said it was a publicity game. He won the nomination when people dismissed him, saying there was no way. He won the election when they said there was a 90+% chance that he would lose. He has seen success despite predictions over and over and over, yet here we are with another claim that he just can’t succeed. I didn’t want him to win the nomination but the man has my vote for 2020 due to the policies he’s passed. I still think he’s a jackass but results? I’m all in.


Naw, sometimes Trolls are fun to screw with. :wink:


The shill needs to remember that any forum with free speech and little to no moderation always becomes right wing and stays right wing. Leftist ideas cannot compete without censorship and moderation. Bring it @keyser_soze you paid leftist cuck.


The fact that you call him “Fat Donald” and attempt to sound tough when we all know you live in your moms basement and are about 150lbs overweight outs you as a troll. You’re not very good at this. :rofl:


That’s actually very true. Always takes moderation, misinformation and name calling to keep leftist ideas alive.


You’re offended by the nickname “Fat Donald”?

I do find it laughable that some people think the military and law enforcement would not be gunning down the Trumpists that would take up arms against their fellow citizens.


That’s what you got? I’m offended? I coudln’t care less about it, just shows insight into your frame of mind.

By the way, the military and police? 90% of them would be on our side in a civil war… sorry to say, they woudln’t support socialist filth.