Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



Now that Northam is under fire for posing in blackface with his buddy in full KKK gear, CNN has been putting an ( R ) next to his name. Can’t make this stuff up. Very fake news.




#metoo meets karma




I think we lost @Pragmatic. His handlers should have told him about Byrd before they sent him into a thread about Democrat KKK members.

I bet next pragmatic will be a totally different “personality”. Maybe he will change the old pragmatic’s pelvic thrust avatar with one that just screams at the sky.


Not lost. Just took a break to take a business trip.

You still haven’t told me why I should care about Byrd? How does he relate to Northam? You seem to be using him as some sort of gotcha but it isn’t working.

Byrd was a conservative Democrat straight out of the KKK. He switched to being a slightly more liberal dafter the civil rights movement (which is why the democrats are more liberal now than they were in 1964)

You chose Byrd I suspect because you thought his KKK past had some to do with 2010 when he wasn’t in the KKK. Why didn’t you use Lyndon B Johnson?


You seem a little different.


I hope you are more prepared than the last prag.

What happens to the ones that fail? Just fired? Or worse?


Northam… Byrds of a feather.


Except they are not the same. To completely different situations. While Byrd was in the KKK he was a conservative. He was well known that at the time he was a high ranking member of the KKK. When he left the KKK to join the Democrat party… he was wildly accepted despite his KKK background. He voted against the civil rights act just like most conservatives in the Democratic Party. After that he realized it was the wrong thing to do and began changing his conservative racist ways to be a party of the new, more liberal, Democratic Party.

Northam was always a Democrat but his voting population did not know that he once dabbled in the racist practice of black face as a young adult. If voters had known and still voted him in, you would have a point. I suspect if the VA Democrat knew about this before, they would have removed him from the ticket. But it’s all speculation, since we didn’t find out until after he was elected.



Don’t forget.


Ummm… he was ALWAYS a member of the democrat party. He supported the klan even as he was elected to his his first political job as a democrat.

Though he claimed to have left the organization in 1943, Byrd, wrote a letter in 1946 to the group’s Imperial Wizard stating “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.”

Sheesh… i guess we’ll soon be getting a Prag 3.


“conservative” like every other political term is polysemantic and does not have the same meaning today as it did years ago.

Conservative back in Byrds Klan days meant to " conserve" or “keep traditional values” back in his day traditional values was segregation.

To be progressive back then was a good thing as it mean to progress, but the Democrats adopted the word progressive and gave it its own spin .

Which started out fine but went to far, but you cant have progress when you have racism in your hearts as with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and a few others.

As in for Northam, I think the Virginia Democrats have done a piss poor job in vetting, how is it that they didnt catch this as they were vetting him?

And how was this discovered by the way?


I heard that those in his med class outed it on retaliation for his abortion stance recently.

How accurate that is, I have not had the time to delve into to elaborate any more than that.


interesting RTchoke, and if that is the case it just shows you how low some people are, so because Northam has opposing opinions on abortion they go to ruin someone career.

Doesn’t surprise me and if it turns out that is what happened , this will be a beginning of a new chapter of divisive politics, every candidate will have their enemies go through every aspect of their life, every year book, talk to every person they stood up , had sex with, dated etc etc etc.

Welcome the new politics, I’m surprised that anyone after this would even consider running for public office unless you are cleaner than Caesar’s wife


Please conservative definition hasn’t changed. KKK was not a liberal organization in 1950 and it isn’t today either. Byrd was conservative…then became more liberal later into his political career.


Rewriting history are we?


That is hilarious.

It is a completely different style. it must be his older brother prog.


That makes sense.

It was certainly related to the abortion legislation.

Coonman isn’t quitting just yet.

Why did they call him “coonman?” He hasn’t a clue.


yes it has, Liberal back them doesnt mean what Liberal means today, Conservative same thing.

Who said anything about the Klan being a liberal organization, what exactly is a liberal organization ?

What exactly defines a conservative of today the same as a conservative in the 1950’s?