Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



Apparently this Democrat who wore makeup to look like a black man had a college nickname … “coonman” .

I bet he and Senator Byrd had some good laughs over that.

Democrat got caught.


I wish you made more sense lol.

I did some research on him (didn’t know who he was before this conversation). Seems like he did everything he could to fight against racism for the last 30ish years of being in politics. His policy positions were directly in line with liberal democrat values and NAACP recognized him as such. He seems like a great story of how people can change and fight against injustices.

Everyone is redeemable. Including Byrd and Northam. Northam needs to leave now… and work on redeeming himself.


What a ridiculous statement.


Like Byrd did?


Emasculating black men by removing their incentive to work and be responsible is your idea of a good fight against racism? Oh… the NAACP loved those Democrat freebies … like junkies love heroin.


Who is emasculating black men? The Democrats? Hahahahahahaha. Prove that it is democrat policies “emasculating” black men. Show me one democrat lead policy that is feeding that?

For some strange reason black people vote 90% with democrats. So are they all stupid?


Sound like projection. He hid it and now he got caught. Sorry.


Affirmative Action…


I will let these black men and women answer that.


How is AA emasculating black men? Let talk about from when it was enabled until now. Now before you explain how, my position is that AA is no longer necessary in its current form. However it was pivotal when it was enacted in 1965.


Government crutch. It taints every achievement.


No I want your opinion. I can find many things on the internet to support any position, it doesn’t mean it is right it or that it is a consensus in the black community.

Show me one policy pushed by liberal democrats that emasculates black men?


You didn’t watch it. It directly answers your inane question with the voices of the emasculated.


It put black people in position to have achievements. Coming out of Jim Crow, how else did you expect minorities to “catchup”?

Just like during reconstruction… black people were still unable to gain an economic footing and still lacked societal protections. Arguing against AA in 1965 is like arguing for segregation or for slavery. AA was used to help lift an entire community. How is that a bad thing


Is that how you explain the black vote? Stupidity? Of course you do. I said nothing about stupidity.
Only 10% of the general population has an IQ over 120. The rest are not stupid. But the 10% are exceptional. And FWIW, black men voted 13% for Trump. I wonder why more of them saw an escape from the Democrat plantation than black women did? Emasculation may be badge of honor among liberal men but there are plenty of black men who say “no thank you” to the pussification that you libs embrace.


Check your privilege.


That clip is my opinion. You answer like all libs in the past that viewed that video.
Show me a Republican black man and I will show you a successful man.


Oh I watched it… they didn’t cite a single policy that Democrats have put forth that emasculated black people. They didn’t show any numbers about how black people were better off during Jim Crow than after.


I wonder if there are more successful black republicans or black democrats. Hmmm

What about white republicans are they all successful? Seems like you are equating being successful to being republican. That couldn’t be further from the truth.


I did. Raising taxes is another one.

Here’s a couple more:

Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996

Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994