Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



Century? You must mean from 1865 to 1965. Then you be correct. Conservative Democrats peddled in racism during that time.


Democrats have really shown us who they are the past few days. While no Democrat would condemn Northam’s infanticide comments (at least no prominent ones) they are swiftly calling on him to resign now over this latest scandal.

Now I think these pictures are racist, repugnant and sickening. And when he was in the governor’s race against Ed Gillespie, had ran a very incendiary ad with a guy in a pick up truck that had a confederate flag, and Ed Gillespie sticker who was chasing down brown and black kids. That ad ran while Northam knew he had this in his past.

I don’t believe for a second that Dems want Northam to resign out of principle. They want him out because his replacement will be Justin Fairfax, who happens to be black.

And the fact that both Planned Butcherhood and NARAL are demanding his resignation tells you all you need to know about where Fairfax would stand on the abortion issue.


Why is this lie still being spread?


Do we need to make him comfortable while we talk about it?


Liberal and sleazebag are actually the same word. :wink:


Funny take that I heard from a talk radio caller today:

What if surfacing this photo was a Dem operation to get rid of him as a highly visible symbol of how truly bloodstained the Dems Sanger, segregation, and slavery hands really are?

Maybe we will know if Tran (the Virginia delegate that wrote the law) gets spammed too.


3 guesses on what’s wrong with this picture. :wink:



When was that?


Today. About 35 seconds in. To their credit they did announce it correctly, just totally screwed the pooch on the video. :rofl:


That was from today?

Some serious projection there.

Kinda supports the Dem hit job narrative.


Yeah this one.

We know now who was driving the truck. :wink:


I don’t think that was no accident.


The Left and Democrats will forgive him and sweep it under the table after a while
Im surprised that the left didnt find something in this story to put the blame on Trump

He better hope that there are no pictures of him and Trump together in the last 30 years or he is really in trouble.

this fake outrage will go away.


They simply changed their tactics after that…after it became clear that they could not keep black people from voting.


So you’re like nine or ten years old?


No, he’ll resign, he’d only be forgiven if the Lt. Governor was a Republican instead of a Democrat. Watch what happens after he leaves office though, there will be a nice cushy well paid job waiting for him with a liberal owned company or lobbying firm.


Horse shit. You keep running around judging 1980 by 2019 standards. It’s childish.

You defend Robert Byrd and condemn this guy?

You claim Obama “evolved” on marriage in a couple of years at 48 and shame the ignorance of youth at 22. 30 years later. Keep it up and eventually they’ll get to you.


You weren’t alive when this guy was in college either then.


That’s exactly why he has to go. He gave us a peek behind the curtain too soon.


Looked like a big smirk he had with his apology…I will not resign…video yesterday.

I am not in favor of dredging up these items from so long ago, but how did his political foes miss this during the campaign?

Using racism as a weapon should scare us all. It will destroy the 1st amendment, because it is subjective.