Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



Ah got it. I appreciate it.


I understand your position I will take that into consideration in other threads, but I didn’t derail this thread. I was sticking to an issue about Northam and someone else brought up Byrd and it went from there.

I will take my responsibility to feeding that derailment but it did not start it.

Also I don’t want to remove or denounce someone’s free speech. This is why I like this forum.


you know that is bull shit in the third degree.
Racism is everywhere from religion to political or even gender.

The difference between the right and left when it comes to racism is on the right,its more open
on the left you disguise it and some on the left wont/cant acknowledge it.


Decisions, decisions, decisions Virginia. Planned Parenthood-bribed full-birth abortion infanticide Virginia Governor Northam for sporting blackface decades ago like black comedians today sport whiteface; or the black alleged rapist Lt.Gov Justin Fairfax?




Unless you’re white, male, and a natural born citizen, because if you are well then fuck you. There’s your Democrat party platform folks.


you forgot if one is hetrosexual too


Well you should tell that to the White Male NBCs that vote in large numbers for Democrats.


Right?! how could they forgot to demonize heterosexuals?


Well I was trying to leave sexual orientation and religion out of it, but fair point.


they do, look at some of the you tube video there is this one popular transgender person, dont know if she is a post opt or pre opt, this person was whining about straight men are transphobic and should be ashamed of themselves for not wanting to date a transgendered person

I thought, WTF? this is just plain nuts now.

If a white person only wants to date a white person because that is what they are attracted to , they are racists

If a white straight male doesn’t want to date a transgendered person they are transphobic

If a straight white male says Merry christmas to a Muslim they are islamophobic

If a straight white male doesn’t say happy hanukkah to a jewish person, they are anti semitic

If a straight white person celebrates thanksgiving or columbus day, they are racist against Native American indians

If a straight white male asks if the person is male or female its now offending the person and should be prosecuted for “hate crimes”

If a straight white male voted for Trump, he is a homophobe, bigot, misogynist POS.

You dont see a problem here?


Yes I see a problem. None of that is true as a broad brush. Does some of that ridiculousness happen? Yes. Is it systemic? Not at all. The hyperbole is just as bad as someone calling a white male racist if he only dates white women. That ridiculous on its face. Both seek to muddy the real issues with extreme examples or labeling.

However what would be racist is if that white male said he only dated white women because they are more intelligent than black women and don’t smell like fried chicken. You see the difference?


but that is the reality, the moment a white man says he prefers to date white women he is labeled, it doesnt matter if he says that is what he prefers to actually saying racist things.
The moment he mentions it , he labeled.

If I said I don’t want to date a transgendered woman, im labeled a transphobe

The left cares more about feelings of the aggrieved vs common sense

I get labelled because I don’t want to date a fat woman, they say I’m shallow, I don’t want to date a woman who under 5 ft 4, because im 6 ft 3, Im prejudice against short people

I cant win for losing.


Give me an example of that actually happening? I denounce that BS. It isn’t racist to date white women. However your justification for doing so may be racist.


I can give you my personal experience on dating websites.

Ive had black women message me calling me a racist because I don’t want to meet them
Ive had Asian women sending me messages telling me I should be more open minded to other cultures,Which is bullshit because Ive visited over 35 countries , I love culture.

if I don’t find you appealing ,I don’t find you appealing.

Ive only dated one black girl back in College, mind you she looked like Stacy Dash, she is hot, someone like Beyonce isn’t hot to me.

That has nothing do with race or skin color, it’s what appeals to me
To me Julianne moore is hot, but sharon stone to me isn’t, nor is Angelina Jolie

I don’t find the williams sisters appealing , but laila Ali is hot to me.

for most people its what appeals to them, that doesn’t make them racist


Well that isn’t right! If any of them were my friends I would chastise them. I don’t doubt that people say that. I’ve seen it myself. However I don’t believe it is systemic. That is my only issue.

BTW every woman you mentioned is hot! Lol. Get your eyes checked. :joy:


Im not sure what youre talking about but whatever.

Good lord, you do know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes Beer holder

This is what makes us unique , we all have different tastes, just like I demand on meeting women who were born a woman with female chromosomes , the works.

I want nothing to do with someone who was born a man and then becomes a woman because he feels that is the right thing to do and then expects me to accept him/her and if I dont they have to right to label me a bigot or transphobe.


I was agreeing that your particular experience is sad and unacceptable. I disagree that it is a systemic issue.

Relax. This was tongue and cheek. A joke.


This is how libs change society… denying that the extreme is systemic. But then they force laws that legitimize and protect the extreme. Opponents are labeled as bigots.

If a lib says “hey… i agree that begavior is extreme. I dont support that and it is not systemic” you can bet that it will only take a few years before one must promote such behavior or be punished.

Clearly… hollywood is forcing the extreme into our entertainment.


What utter horseshit.