Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



You think unmoderated liberal forums are free of racist posts? Lol, want to prove that for us?


Nice thread derail - I’ll bring this back to racist Democrat Ralph Northam in a second.


Prog libs are racists.

It was his damn DREAM, dude… the holy grail of the end of racism.

You people just dont want that to happen. Simple as that.


White guilt isn’t why whites are distressed. Being extorted is.

The distress associated with Whites’ acquiescence to extortion (Whites paying/housing/feeding non-Whites to prevent them destroying our civilization) is mistaken for White guilt, when the distress is actually proximity to minorities who coerce Whites.

While the emotion (distress) is the same, remedying this distress requires treating its actual source-- which is not White guilt, but rather proximity to non-Whites who coerce Whites.

Recognizing that White guilt cannot exist because guilt requires us (not have wronged another) does not free us from distress.

But recognizing the interplay (coercion and extortion) between Whites and non-Whites in close proximity does show us a rational cause of our distress, and the method by which to decrease it: more distance between Whites and non-Whites.


I never said it was my struggle. I said I can understand that they struggle without actually being black. You don’t know the definition of empathy apparently. Now I am racist because I said I understand that they struggle. Hahahahaha wow! That’s a new one

This is also hilarious, so now I am a misogynist because I understand that being a woman is hard. Hahahahaha another gem. Keep them coming.


I don’t know? I’m sure you can find one. But I am talking about this forum.


I accept your defeat. Don’t ever trout out MLK around me unless you are being intellectually honest. Shit doesn’t work with me.


Well, if your gonna resort to truth.


Any forum that doesn’t ban it has it. Period. Of course on liberal forums you are more likely to see racism directed at whites, still racist though.


I really want to address this fully but I want to get back to Northam resigning.

In short, this is complete BS. Without using the word segregation, you are effectively advocating for it in that paragraph.


We see libs do that all the time…specially when they talk about Obama.

They never once hold him to same standard as to anyone other president. They’re still making excuses for him.


Ignorant, bigoted, but not racist. I will agree tho, yes you can go to a lib forum and find what you are describing. And I would denounce it immediately.


What standards are those? Tan suits? Dijon mustard? What standard did “libs” not hold Obama to that they held other “lib” presidents to?


Wealthy leftists already do this. Hence the concentration of leftists in high cost of living areas. So, it’s ok for leftists to live this way but no one else - you just proved my point and the point made by @Humongous



Denounce it all you’d like. We don’t ban speech here. If that’s too much for you then feel free to leave.

Keep derailing threads and you will catch a 1000 year suspension. Everyone who has been with us a while knows how this works. If you intend on staying here, stop derailing threads.


I will fucking quote MLK to you any FUCKing time I want. I was reading his speeches to my daughter when she was young when you were likely reading comic books…


Well that’s bull shit.


@SneakySFDude @Pragmatic y’all might want to look at what Kelly posted above and quit feeding the troll.


How am I derailing a thread about racism by responding to a lie about racism?

Thanks for the heads up.


The troll derailed it by making it about conservatives being racist. The topic is about the Democrat Governor of Virginia dressing in blackface. Do what you want. I’ve been on forums that Patriot and Kelly have run for over a decade. They don’t insert themselves into threads unless they are going to do something. Just trying to help YOU out.