Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



A joke has to be funny


Looks like Northam is going to have a Come to Jesus mtg.



Not only is Governor Coonman not going to step down, he’s going to spend the rest of his term addressing white privilege.


The word you are struggling so desperately for there is “trot”.


Drive around any large or medium sized city and you see people self segregating based on race in all of them.

We are by nature tribal and clannish and people are more comfortable around those with whom they identify than those they don’t.


Institutional racism has been dead and gone for the most part since long before you were even born.

Where it can be found there is an entire agency at DOJ as well as in every state to deal with it and they deal with it very harshly when the cases can be proven.

You’re rattling off vacuous talking points with no actual connection to reality as usual.

Treating people differently based on race is racism period.




I don’t think dems understand that many of the politicians in office today are old enough to likely have had some racial interaction that would be deemed controversial by today’s standards.

How does removing this person for a “crime” this long ago help them, their constituents, or purify their party from unethical conduct, and for that matter who really cares?


No you can’t. You can know that it exists, you can’t understand it.


No you wouldn’t. “Denounce”. What good does that do? “I DENOUNCE IT!!!”

Virtue signaling.


That’s exactly right. Ex post facto purging. It’s yet another indicator of the fanaticism of their religion.

The snowflake twits couldn’t have survived in the times they pretend to judge.