Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



I don’t have to prove nothing…I’m just commenting on whats major news outlets are saying. :wink:


Not “you” Conan :roll_eyes:

I am addressing the news outlets and their “sources”.


In a statement Monday, Fairfax denied assaulting anyone, but acknowledged having a consensual encounter with the woman.

So he’s not denying having “encounter” with that woman.

Ah OK.

I’m just flinging salt all over their wounds. :wink:


I know and yes, it is fun. But the policies of personal destruction?

Jeeze, Conan. You or I or any Joe Schmoe could do great things for this country. Yet, all anyone needs to do is find out your mom’s sister’s great uncle on the fraternal side of your maternal great grandmother’s second cousin removed said…WHAT?

That is how asinine this crap has become.


Personal I think it stupid…but again I’m laughing my ass off right now.
And I’m giving em taste of their own medicine. :rofl:


We know they will eat their own if rational minds do not prevail.

Witness what is at hand.

I do not care if it is a democrat side or a republican side.

We must come back to the table, agree on some standards lest the MSM continues to run renegade and unaccountable.


Here’s why…




Racism isn’t a conservative view. I see this all the time from liberals. They try and deny the racist past of their party by claiming if they were racist that means they were conservative as if conservative and racist are synonymous. They aren’t.


Not all conservatives are racist but if you are racist you are likely a conservative…

Isn’t the national review a conservative publication? What types of views on race have they had for over the last 60ish years?


That’s the dumbest shit I think I have ever read. Here, from your precious WaPo:


Prog liberals have now defined MLK’s dream as being racist. They insist now that one must treat black people differently than white people. They have redefined racism to allow them to be racist.

Challenge me on this, Prag2. In return, you will get links to “progressive” tripe like these articles.


Thanks for the link. Doesn’t refute my claims.

Care to address the National Reviews stance on race? What about some of the threads in this very forum?


Stop putting MLK in your conservative mouths. Cons love trotting out MLK as a feel good story when they hated the man when he was preaching his gospel.

To further address you, yes people of different cultures should be treated with respect and celebrated for there differences. Color blindness is ridiculous and only shows that people who ascribed to it don’t see institutional issues that affect different races, cultures and genders.

Lastly, you deflected and didn’t address my point. But that is what I expect from you.


When liberals start with their ‘I’m not racist’ and ‘we are all equal’ nonsense I always loudly invite them to move to Gary, Indiana or Detroit, or Freetown, Liberia, and I am always called a racist for my efforts … liberals don’t like being tested because ONLY a racist would judge their delusional talk by their decided lack of follow-up walk.

The fun ensues when I press them as to WHY it is RACIST to insist that they move to where their ‘equals’ live in packs. See only a ‘racist’ would notice the ‘common theme’. Blacks in full packs = Liberals far away having a day, calling all those who have to deal with a packs of blacks, on a normal basis, names like…racist.

The key to being a successful liberal, is to ensure that one ever has to come in contact with reality. Wealth, and or insanity are two ways to achieve this. With wealth one can live in a gated community, and if one is sufficiently deluded, i.e. insane, one can, in effect, have a gated community around their mind. The two most obvious examples of liberal beliefs that are easily refuted from reality, are white collective guilt, and total human equality.

White guilt, is the notion that because some people, of my race, in the past, had “advantages” that all of us of the white race are guilty on account of these few people from the past. Notice these few people may or may not be our ancestors, and we need not have had any direct part in any of the actions that we are assumed to have guilt for merely by our group inclusion. It should be noted that for the extreme left, the only of real group that this applies to are white males, everyone else is part of a vague minority or protected group without any basis, reasoning, or justification.

Also, equality’s fundamental axioms are wrong, and every attempt of making humans equal has always resulted in a worsening of the the human condition, in the past, present, and will persist into the future.


MLK was a communist and an abuser of women. Prove me wrong.


So you treat black people according to the color of their skin and not the content of their character. You admit it.

The dream of MLK jr is anathema to progressive liberals now. The worst thing THEY could dream of for their cultural and political perversity is MLK’s dream.


You said a lot but at the same time very little. I’ll address 2 points from your messy rant.

Does one have to live around black people to emphasize with their struggles? Does one need to be a woman to understand how hard it is to be one?

Of course the answer is no. What I described is empathy.

White Guilt only applies if one actually feels guilty for something they did. If you aren’t racist then why feel guilt? Do you feel guilt for a person having a funeral when you were involved in their death? No, you feel sadness, you feel empathy, but you don’t(shouldn’t) feel guilt.

So why when it comes to being confronted with racism that some white people feel guilt? I hypothesize that those that feel guilt do so because they have contributed to the racism in some way shape or form. Otherwise I see no reason for guilt.


This coming from a troll who sources nothing but it’s feelings.

Yes. Also, it’s not your “struggle” if you aren’t black. Let them stand on their own you god damn racist.

Yes. Understanding that something occurs is different than experiencing the occurrence. End the mansplaining you misogynist.

No - my definition stands. Imposing white guilt on all white males is a tactic of the left.

You’re pretending not to understand the tool and how it is used.

I don’t either.


Cherry picking his “I Have a Dream” is what cons like to bring out to think they got us “libs”.

There were many areas of his speech where specifically called out separate races, religions and genders as joining together to fight injustice. Further that little line that cons love to throw in our face (but don’t believe) is the content of their character part. There is a key word you cons like to gloss over and change… like you did. He wasn’t talking about treatment (you said treat) in that particular line… he was talking about Judgement.

He said the following:

“ I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Judgement is different than treatment. Everything in his speech was focused on black people. So by your assertion he also isn’t living up to that one line. He only addressed the needs of black people.

It’s stupid, just stop.