Ralph Northam and Friend Dressed in Blackface and a KKK Robe for Yearbook Photo



Whats the chances of that happening? People - an entire fucking party - changing their racist views en masse?


RTchoke is a female?

Oh my apologies to her

slaps head…


Hey, I’m trying to improve my image. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Yes, I am. But no harm done. I wish we had little gender button o here so people would be able to know that info up front.

However, nowadays it would take an entire page to list the genders.:roll_eyes: SMDH


haaaaaaaaa, and so friggen true
I cant imagine dating sites today, having to list all the genders available.

God I miss the old days where it was Man looking for Women
Women looking for men
or Men looking for men
or women looking for women

Now its CIS man looking for CIS women
Transgender looking for non binary
pre opt trans looking for post opt trans
and gender gifted looking for pangender
etc etc etc.

If this isnt enough to keep someone married I dont know what will


100%, but it didn’t happen overnight.


Snow day today, so I’m checking in occasionally during the day which is usually something I can’t do.


Take your pick…and post the number.

1 M M M Masculine Homosexual Man
2 M M F Masculine Heterosexual Man
3 M M A Masculine Bisexual Man
4 M F M Feminine Homosexual Man
5 M F F Feminine Heterosexual Man
6 M F A Feminine Bisexual Man
7 M A M Androgine Homosexual Man
8 M A F Androgine Heterosexual Man
9 M A A Androgine Bisexual Man
10 F M M Masculine Heterosexual Woman
11 F M F Masculine Homosexual Woman
12 F M A Masculine Bisexual Woman
13 F F M Feminine Heterosexual Woman
14 F F F Feminine Homosexual Woman
15 F F A Feminine Bisexual Woman
16 F A M Androgine Heterosexual Woman
17 F A F Androgine Homosexual Woman
18 F A A Androgine Bisexual Woman
19 AM M M Masculine Homosexual Andromale
20 AF M M Masculine Heterosexual Androfemale
21 HA M M Masculine Male-Attracted Androdite
22 HM M M Masculine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
23 HF M M Masculine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
24 AM M F Masculine Heterosexual Andromale
25 AF M F Masculine Homosexual Androfemale
26 HA M F Masculine Female-Attracted Androdite
27 HM M F Masculine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
28 HF M F Masculine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
29 AM M A Masculine Bisexual Andromale
30 AF M F Masculine Bisexual Androfemale
31 HA M F Masculine Bisexual Androdite
32 HM M F Masculine Bisexual Hermaphromale
33 HF M F Masculine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
34 AM F M Feminine Homosexual Andromale
35 AF F M Feminine Heterosexual Androfemale
36 HA F M Feminine Male-Attracted Androdite
37 HM F M Feminine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
38 HF F M Feminine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
39 AM F F Feminine Heterosexual Andromale
40 AF F F Feminine Homosexual Androfemale
41 HA F F Feminine Female-Attracted Androdite
42 HM F F Feminine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
43 HF F F Feminine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
44 AM F A Feminine Bisexual Andromale
45 AF F A Feminine Bisexual Androfemale
46 HA F A Feminine Bisexual Androdite
47 HM F A Feminine Bisexual Hermaphromale
48 HF F A Feminine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
49 AM A M Androgine Homosexual Andromale
50 AF A M Androgine Heterosexual Androfemale
51 HA A M Androgine Male-Attracted Androdite
52 HM A M Androgine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
53 HF A M Androgine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
54 AM A F Androgine Heterosexual Andromale
55 AF A F Androgine Homosexual Androfemale
56 HA A F Androgine Female-Attracted Androdite
57 HM A F Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
58 HF A F Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
59 AM A A Androgine Bisexual Andromale
60 AF A A Androgine Bisexual Androfemale
61 HA A A Androgine Bisexual Androdite
62 HM A A Androgine Bisexual Hermaphromale
63 HF A A Androgine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale


Good grief. That’s nuts.




63 genders? sweet jesus.

and they said Liberalism is a good thing

I miss the good old days, Men and women, now its I have ask are you a Andogine bisexual androfemale

what the hell is a androgine bisexual adrofemale?


“Gender is social” “sex is biological”

But isn’t it strange that establishments have rest rooms to allow people to perform a biological function. And yet, libs demand that gender is the key to who goes where.


Its the taxonomy classification for bulldog in heat.


Or there is so much dirt flying around you become desensitized to it. As a result we get some real dirtbags elected to office.


Agreed RT.

I hate the witch hunt as well.

I hated what they did to Kavanaugh and I hate the same tactics being used here.

What he should be held accountable for is his stance on abortion. Sad how that has been overshadowed by “black face”.


Kind of a compliment, RT.

Cause… we conservative women kick some butt. :wink:


What’s even funnier is Lt Governor allegations of forcing a woman to do oral sex on him.
And Washington Compost ditched thee story saying they could not find anyone who could corroborate her story.

But that didn’t stop the compost with Kavanaugh.




Same as with Kavanaugh.

If you don’t have the guts to come forward then sit down and shut the hell up.

The press has taken too many liberties with ‘anonymous sources’.

I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on. Enough is enough. The politics of personal destruction of what it has taken people a lifetime to build has to stop. Sources that will come forward and corroboration should be built solidly before one word is uttered.


I’m laughing at them.

Whats even funnier is that Fairfax is now accusing Northam of leaking the sexual assault allegation.

Lib fight. :rofl:


Again, I will say:

Prove it. Back it up. Have sources who will be named and ready to defend their positions.

Do the homework. Have rock solid evidence before you utter one word.

I am sick to death of people destroying what has taken a lifetime for people to build.

It has to stop.