Paris police attack: Four killed by knife-wielding man

So much for the gun argument right?

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I knew it when I saw the tragic headline. 2A gun nuts will say what they always manage to say when people are killed: “so what, should we ban knives too?”

Imagine if the attacker used a gun instead… I guarantee that the number killed would be significantly higher. Typical conservative logic.



If they used a large vehicle they probably would have killed more than if they used a gun. Let’s ban all fully automatic assault vehicles RIGHT NOW!

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No, they couldn’t have used a vehicle. It was inside a building.

How does someone with a knife manage to kill four people inside a police station before being shot?

France will now work on a knife ban.

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Yep - you are right about that. So, what we really need is a knife registry, so that the government can act like they are keeping track of who has knives.

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What we need are universal background checks to purchase knives in addition to a government-mandated serrated blade buyback program. The only knife anyone needs is a butter knife.

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Really? That’s your argument? Only weak people make such assumptions! Your in perfect company one only has to see the typical response to know that to be true !

Can you say triggered?

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Because most French cops don’t carry guns?

French police are always armed when out. Maybe the fact that they were not out of their building had something to do with it?

Magnito makes an appearance in the “bi-lines”.

The religion of peace strikes again…

  • be me
  • hear knife attack in Paris kills 4 cops
  • lol a muslim again
  • dude has a french name and is mute and deaf
  • wut, my muslim detector must be broken
  • actually, he was a muslim convert


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The UK cucks are already working on that…


Imagine if someone opened fire on the knife wielder with a gun. Maybe three more people would still be alive today.

Ginzu will have to recall all knives sold in France to avoid class action lawsuits because their products were responsible for the murders.

Yup. You’re powerless to change Mother Nature. She’s way ahead of you. Climate has always changed.

Oh dear. Such drama! Civilization has always adapted to climate change.

What then do you suggest were Yellowstone to erupt full bore? :face_with_monocle:

Is there a French equivalent of the ACLU??? If so , watch for a lawsuit claiming excessive force against the police. The Leftists may complain the police didn’t talk enough to get him to surrender.

It has been confirmed that the assailant was a member of the religion of peace.