Paris police attack: Four killed by knife-wielding man

No surprise there, as in all things terrorist related the Libs will spin it as purely coincidental and deny there is any problem.


I’ve got a strong feeling that this guy was coerced into carrying out the attack. I’m also convinced that the driver of the runaway refuse truck in Glasgow 3 or 4 Christmases ago had been ‘got at’ by international terrorists. And that some of the stabbings here in the UK are terrorist-related.

You couldn’t make it up, as they say. No wonder our country is in such a state with twats like him running the show.

Political Correctness strikes again

  • Recently converted to Islam
  • Committed an atrocity killing multiple people
  • Police are baffled and rule out terrorism


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Time to confiscate all knives and sharp instruments.

Liberal logic, it’s ok as less were killed than if they used a gun.

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You missed out a word - radicalized? That’s what they usually come up with so as not to frighten the horses.

I would imagine by being tactile kill someone in the bathroom kill someone making a drink kill someone sitting at their desk

Have a look at the Shane O’Brien murder it happened at the RE bar in eastcote the video is all of the internet you can kill someone with a knife very quickly

The French police have found several pieces of evidence linking the Police murder to terrorist Islam. Should we be surprised?