The 'Child Actorvism' of Greta Thunberg

I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and I have finally figured out what would improve Greta’s outlook on life.

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Is that why her arms are incredibly long for her height her ape index is off the charts

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We live in a very sick world.

Soros is behind this eco-terrorism.
There is no global warming, period.
Climate always changes.

While the hysteria is on, there is something really sinister going on

This is the agenda to reduce world population by 1/12, meaning from 7 billion of 500 million.

That’s perverted as hell and wrong on so many levels but I still laughed my ass off!

Its sad to be honest, this little girl has no idea the shit storm she is about to enter and now her Father is “managing” her career, condoning skipping school to protest climate change

The left has hailed her as the new hero and Im sure she will be on Oprah, Ellen and all the American talk show who wants to take advantage of her sudden fame.

She will burn out soon and Im sure they will somehow blame Trump for that.

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This is a little girl listening to wisdom that undoubtedly she hears at home because our schools certainly don’t teach it and I’ll bet she is home schooled.

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Stampedes happen there.
The last place on earth you want to be.

OMFG that if so funny! I feel bad laughing at her sometimes but she bring the attention on herself and she’s old enough to know she shouldn’t be acting the fool in public.



Really?!?!? Climate change is real. Everybody knows something is changing, quite rapidly. Everybody. That a whole bunch of people think it’s more important to not agree with a liberal than face reality is the undoing of civilization and what was once an incredible planet. I will die angry about this. The red staters will just die.

Thanks for confirming that a reasonable argument can’t be made with intelligent discourse when already 500 scientists confirmed there is no climate emergency. Of course there is climate change, its been happening for thousands of years! Try harder, because you lefties can not explain science nor debate the facts when emotions starts replacing them!

You dying angry only means you repeat the next life in the same state! You have learned nothing!

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Absolutely. Ice Age is coming, very rapidly.
That’s the reality, whether you like it or not.
There is nothing you can do about it, except to dig in.
(That’s what the elite have been doing.)

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The left is off the rails! Is this for real? You decide!


At least you can’t say that we stole your childhood. You’re still in it.


I watched this. The girl in question was a LaRouche plant with a highly-convincing German accent. It was AOC’s response (or lack of it) that made many wonder.

So I’m thinking of how one could really send up actorvists like this young lady and I’ve an idea to run past y’all.

Do you remember Europe’s Final Countdown: at once kinda cool and yet about as pretentious and arrogant a piece of pop rock as one might imagine with lyrics that sound cool but are just like the music, really on both counts.

So imagine a video with Greta of Algore and in the background The Final Countdown, only “It’s A final countdown” with the music sting being played by a big kazoo band to give it enough depth to rival the original keyboard piece for pretentiousness.

What think ye?

I just saw your post.


In fact it inspired me to look to see if someone had done the idea I just posted and guess what?