Officials Admit Haitians Being Released Into the U.S. On a ‘Very, Very Large Scale’

We are getting invaded and no one does anything…
They could impeach him, but who’s behind him is probably worse.
This is treason

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They represent VOTE after VOTE .

Then you should have insisted on that during the 4 years Trump was president. Your missed opportunity……

Trumpitis is raging again today.

Maybe 2 Valium would help.


Tds is real, and entertaining lol


Doesn’t work if your brain is absent ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I wonder how your Country China treats illegals ??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

What does religion have to do with a president VIOLATING immigration law? What does religion have to do with a bunch of animals VIOLATING our borders, instead of getting in line like LEGITIMATE immigrants who waited their turn?

Your values are fcked.


MOST of those animals have been moved from the site where they violated the border. Like other animals from Central America, they have been relocated to other parts of the United States (WITHOUT OBAMA VIRUS TESTING, MASKS OR VACCINATIONS.) They will go on welfare and register Democrat. That’s the ONLY reason they have been moved to other parts of this country.

And they COULD have gone to the Dominican Republican, or taken their boats to Cuba or Venezuela, which is a lot damned closer than Mexico and the Texas border.

Intelligent people know what this is all about. And President Trump NEVER would have allowed this to happen.
Then again, he wants to keep our elections legitimate.

Imagine people here who refused to insist that Trump deport all illegals, and then hold him to it, insisting that Biden do so……:joy::joy::joy:

My god man , do you wake up in cold sweat and scream Trump? Lol you have some serious tds lol


Imagine a your life without a day without Trumpitis?

I know, you cannot get there.

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Border agents should all quit and joint Texas rangers. Fuck the Biden administration. Cowboy up

Why not legal emigration?

Yep, you did so throughout Trump’s four years too. You never insisted that he deport all illegals in America but you’re insisting that Biden do so…

Not only is that not going to happen, more of them will continue to arrive to clean your motel rooms, wash your dishes and pick your vegetables….


Depending on which Trumper you can believe, if any. There’s 11, 17 or 22 million “illegal aliens” in America that Trump never deported. Biden’s not going to deport them either….:wink:

Who told you that? Umar Farooq? Lol

President Trump (and the vast MAJORITY of America, INCLUDING immigrants here) have no problem with LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

For that pathetic third grade dropout brain of yours, LEGAL IMMIGRATION is accomplished by applying and waiting in line, not doing this.


Yep. There does seem to be an irrational fear factor going on…….