Officials Admit Haitians Being Released Into the U.S. On a ‘Very, Very Large Scale’

That Democrats can’t win elections with real legit votes? I agree

Trump was an opponent of legal immigration too, hated what he referred to as chain migration except when he approved it fir Melania’s parents……:roll_eyes:

No that’s called merit immigration, did you forget that part?

As you clearly are clueless:
Trump’s immigration plan is based on three core principles: that the U.S. must build a wall across the southern border, that current immigration laws must be fully enforced, and that the interests of American citizens must be put first.

At on time you use o provide information that was credible backed by facts however your hate has allowed you to just make up shit hoping no one will look anything up.

You can come out from under your rock any time.

Go make yourself useful and cram something in that mouth of yours.

Just as the right needs to feed, house, clothe, and educate all the unwanted children that will be born if the courts start reversing women’s rights……

Why can’t they wear protection?

Or they could put them up for adoption as there is a waiting list years long of people waiting to adopt.

Not quite as dramatic as your posturing.

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So…you want to kill black babies…or let them starve. Is that right?

Most of America insisted that President Trump deport those animals. It was a handful of the low information idiot left who whined, bitched and moaned. The left wing media amplified their whining, bitching and moaning. And a few left wing judges illegally stopped the process.

Seriously, were you…like…high on meth for the Trump years? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

How do we get unwanted children by denying a woman the right to vote, to free speech, and all the other guarantees of the Bill of Rights?

How does that work?

Maybe a number of women might try not being irresponsible sluts and quit engaging in unprotected activity that produces babies.

As far as housing, clothing and educating unwanted children, the Democrats have had that policy in place for almost 100 years, and it wound up DESTROYING the black family unit. That policy is called welfare.

And today, there is a looming white underclass, where a stupid high school girl is PAID by the government to download babies and lose the father. And we have crime and ghettos because of that.

Your ideas always wind up a disaster.

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So what are you going to DO???

Most of America is going to vote to take away Nazi Pelosi’s gavel in 2022, and reelect Trump in a THIRD landslide, making sure we watch the polling places to prevent another fraud.

Then Trump will send those animals back to Haiti.

We do have legal immigration and Trump reduced that as well….

And Trump never did reduce “illegal immigrant” population, never sent back any of the 20 million of them here….

Why would he send them back with out the wall fully built? If there was no obstruction from
Democrats and the wall
Was built, mass deportations.

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Why just now, why didn’t you insist on that when Trump was president….:thinking:

Maybe slowing the flood of people into the US is a great idea to allow the existing illegals as well as legal population to assimilate into the US.’

But that woudn’t allow you to bitch about Trump.

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