Officials Admit Haitians Being Released Into the U.S. On a ‘Very, Very Large Scale’

Which is the progress in your mind, Biden’s inhumane deportation of Haitians or the special envoys resignation over it……:thinking:

Dude stop supporting the invasion, it’s treason.


Biden is slaughtering horses used at the border, because Hatian illegals are mad.

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The Haitians may make a VooDoll of him with pins in it unless they have and affected his speaking.

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They should be deported as they like the central Americans are her illegally.
And yes the moron should resign.

Either you’re nation of laws or you are not.

Either you have a nation with enforceable borders or you are not a nation.

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All illegals need to be deported. That has been my position for years, but I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. If I had to listen to all these people talk and pontificate about it, I might actually start to believe that they have something worthwhile to say. Here’s what my uncle, who grew up in Texas, told me: “Illegals who try to enter this country without inspection go to jail. That’s the law. Do you understand? That’s what the law says. You know, people coming over here illegally without inspection – or those coming in illegally are breaking the law. And breaking the law is no good. Not in America. Now get that into your stupid, wet brain, if you don’t want to get into trouble.”

Refugees just want to know their children will grow up in a clean environment, and they want to work, and they don’t want to be afraid of their neighbors. That’s it.

Now, stop being scared little racists.

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American children are overdosing and getting shot in the street because of this immigration…

This immigration is racist, they have destroyed our African American jobs options and wages. Destroyed public schools.

You’re right. Americans are the problem. People coming here from other countries, seeking a better life, will make us safer and stronger. They aren’t the problem.

How are Americans the problem? You destroyed their wages and education with flooding poor American towns with the World poor and illiterate.

Immigration is the root of our issues. Pre 1965 we had no meth mile. If you hate us why don’t you Renounce your citizenship? Or just move to Hati since you think they are better then us lol

If you believe that then you can feed, house, and clothe all of them.

There isn’t a crisis at the border.

Haitian migrants have experienced unimaginable tragedy for decades…from political crises to terrible natural disasters. We should show compassion. The United States needs to do better.

Our Democrat run cities are shit holes because of hatians. No we don’t need them. Unless you want to move next to them

We don’t need any scumbags who couldn’t put in the work to fix their own problems and their own country.

How many first generation hatians and Dominicans did they flood your school with?

Is that our PROBLEM they can’t make their country be successful!!! You must approve of the GAZILLION of taxpayers money all the criminals ( illegals) cost the countty.
You pay for em.

In a way, we are the problem. We sit and watch the government ignore their own laws to kiss illegals ASS and hand out benefits paid for with our tax dollars.

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So if 100 million Chinese move to the US claiming refugee status you have no problem?

We should show compassion to Chinese and allow 100 million Chinese into the US ASAP.

They have experienced extreme poverty for centuries and deserve to be allowed into the US>

Which was the “progress” you were referring to….:thinking: