Official Coronavirus Thread - The Next Airborne Misery - Open General ☣

Lean to read dumbass, they are hoping that in a few weeks it will be ready to begin testing.

Two others produced by German and American companies are already in testing and one has already gone into human trials.

They have been producing tests and vaccines for corona viruses for decades so they already had a template that was very close to this virus and it only required a little tweaking.

Once again by not reading the crap you spam us here you show yourself a fool.


Sad, but they are livid that this is going to work and keep the total mortality under a million which is their only remaining hope of a democratic sweep in November.

Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus

Why are they on the cusp?

This question, needless to say, is rhetorical. So don’t bother to reply.

They aren’t, they are on the verge of going into a year’s worth of trials.

Three other companies are way ahead of them.

@moderators this is not a conspiracy thread can we please send this crap where it belongs?

You stop responding with nonsense.

Post your stuff here:

@ Patriot

Can we address this poster please

Take your conspiracy shit where it belongs, it doesn’t belong here.

It will be less embarrassing for you because I won’t come in there and crap up your thread with facts.

@moderators yet another thread being derailed with the conspiracy bullshit destroying any possibility of a decent discusison.

You created a home just for this stuff can we please keep it there?

I bet he/she was getting them from the black market. Mostly on the dark web.

This is a fairly good documentary, though it contains some unspoken messages.

  1. The virus certainly did not spontaneously mutate to infect humans.

  2. As the Indian scientists pointed out, the virus contains “HIV” sequences. Telltale human intervention

  3. CCP definitely had a hand in its creation, although not alone.

Yeah I posted it in separate thread now you want the credit so you can look smart! What a dumbass you are!


Same actor continuing with the conspiracy crap derailing the thread.

Oh, it’s a matter of credit, eh?

Good info is good info.
I said long time ago, your game is getting noticed. Poor soul.

Why is a good documentary “conspiracy crap”?

Because it establishes that a government(s) created the coronavirus?

Yeah ok dudgefudge! It’s pretty obvious from your previous post what you were trying to do and are starving for attention! You are a blatantly pathetic person that you would even resort to this narrative. Your pathetic life is one giant conspiracy wrapped inside another!

Stay on your meds not all German nationals are as whacked as you.

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What narrative?
You recently created three or more new threads regarding the virus and are getting plenty of attention by playing the boss. Isn’t that enough?

I’m interested in the info from various sources not reported by mass media, especially regarding this newfangled virus, which I believe is an artificial bioweapon.

Since you’re in bed with TWR regarding the blind belief in mass media, I asked him kindly to post his stuff in “your” thread. Why should you be offended?

Do you read much? It’s obvious you are starving for attention!

Good so you have a thread here, so why do you have to shitpost in every other thread on this site? You joined here last May and that is all you do, and very rarely can you ever make a comment that is related to the topics that other users are trying to discuss

No you did not otherwise you would have quoted him directly instead of quoting the thread itself. If you haven’t already been proven as a pathological liar I might give you the benefit of doubt but seeing you have an established pattern of derailing threads here you are obviously lying about your intentions as well. It’s pretty clear what your doing!

You are the one complaining in another thread about what others should accept as truth, what to read and voicing opposition to others wanting thread categories to discuss specific topics! How so fascist of you to suggest such a thing! Is that your little German national inside you speaking?

“Coronavirus: Boris Johnson taking short walks as care continues”

He even looks embarrassed as well he might. There are going to be a serious number of red faces when the cat finally get out of the bag.

The BBC - first with the good news as usual. They ought to find out how his wife is - not a word about her since she became infected and she’s pregnant. How TF does that work?

And the bad news apparently?

“Coronavirus: US death toll passes 2,000 in a single day” :sleeping:

When will this insanity end?

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