Official Coronavirus Thread - The Next Airborne Misery - Open General ☣

Every now and then we see the next round of global deflection. “It wasn’t me”, or in this case “it didn’t originate here”. However there is mounting evidence that a new strain of the SARS Aurora Virus (big name for a tiny germ) is starting to spread.

The effects are serious. This virus infects humans causing flu-like symptoms. As if that was not enough the resulting debilitated human is then ripe for invasion by other endemic germs particularly those causing pneumonia. If left untreated this leads to death, and apparently there is a point of no return because some people have been dying in hospital where they should have the best chance of survival.

Occasionally the BBC turns out really useful articles…

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China Reports 3rd Death, 136 New Infections, Due to Viral Pneumonia

This is something I am keeping track of now thanks to you for bringing awareness of this issue.


At some point one of these infectious diseases will become a worldwide pandemic on the scale of the Spanish Flu.

If I recall correctly The Spanish Flu killed 5% of the worlds population at that time, so in today terms that would be about 400 million. With more people traveling around the globe via aircraft the chances of containing an outbreak or slim to nil. However, to counter that we have more established health systems and public services which would provide some level of countermeasures.

But I am not an expert and this is just my own opinion based on what little I know.

Without turning this political perhaps someone like Trump in office if a pandemic hits would actually be helpful. I suspect he would be far quicker to declare a state of emergency and restrict travel than a mainstream politician. From what I understand the most effective way to stop the spread of a disease os to stop the movement of people. However that would have a disastrous impact on the US economy though it would be nothing compared to what would happen if 5 % plus of the US population became infected.

Now would be a hell of a time to ban ALL people from China entering the United States.

Well they can start here! Chinese nationals don’t need a visa to go to Saipan and it’s a US territory where a lot of anchor babies are being born!

Say what now? Saipan is a part of the US and they are popping out babies there? WTF!?! How the hell is this not getting reported on? Why are we handing out AMERICAN citizenship to a bunch of CHICOM rugrats?!? They will use this against us!

It’s incredibly easy, they give out US citizenship like it’s candy!

Great - so they are probably already collecting their welfare checks in CHINA while I bust my ass and live in a liberal shithole all to make their lives easier. I stayed out of politics for a good long while but this just can’t be ignored anymore. We need to hold these SOBs accountable for their actions. We elect people to look out for OUR interests and they take care of everyone but Americans. I am so sick and tired of it.

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That is just the tip of the iceberg! Chinese nationals have also been purchasing land and real estate at unprecedented rates too driving up the cost of housing as they did in places like Australia and Canada. Although one of the benefits of the trade war and tariffs is that has seen a drastic reduction in the last year. Still, our laws have to change that prevents foreigners from owning land and real estate in the US or it’s territories.

Better move quick on that. They spread like locusts here in Canada. They put real estate prices through the roof to the point that buying a normal house to raise a family is nearly impossible.

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It happens tens of thousands of times every year here in the US as well.

Birth tourism has been a big thing going back to the fifties because of the value of US citizenship.

It’s also a great way to create sleepers and sleeper cells for the future.

Right now, if a foreign citizen gives birth in the US their child is automatically a citizen so the parents get a free "Welcome to the US’ card and can’t be deported unless they commit serious crimes.

The location of Wuhan is suspicious.
The virus could have been brought in by boat and spread.

Only those who had received vaccination were infected.
(Mostly the military.)
Same goes for polio in 1950s.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

That’s pure BS. The Spanish Flu Pandemic was in 1918.

The first Flu Vaccie wasn’t even developed until 1944, used on military personnel in 45 and released to the general public in 1946.

It’s amazing you keep making up such easily refuted BS and post it with a straight face.

Digi’s insane and inane ramblings get weirder by the die.

Cue " We are very close with a vaccination", music to big pharma ears. :grin:

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Every so often, the planet goes into scrub mode. Flu - black plague - Ebola - hemorrhagics - pneumonic plague; a whole bag of lower the population tricks. Plus unending wars - conflicts.

Vaccine caused spanish flu