California turning into Cuba

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so I live in Cali and we are pretty much shutting everything down. 6 Bay Area counties are on 24hr lockdown for three weeks. This shit is waaay out of control. Grocery stores are empty and people are starting to loot the delivery trucks. Hospitals are no longer allowing visitors, restaurants can only serve take out, bars are closing, no gatherings. I’m starting to feel like I’m in Cuba. People here are losing their fucking minds. Anyone else here in Cali who can identify?

I’m across from California.
Everything is normal here so far, a stark contrast to Europe and America.
Very interesting, given Japan is the country where the first wave of corona scare hit with the cruise ship.
By then, many Chinese tourists were touring the country, especially the northern hot springs and skiing resorts (which do not seem to exist extensively in China).
I’m in contact with friends in the US, but the situation in California you describe seems really bad.

I don’t live in Cali but we just had bars and restaurants shut down today. Work remotely advisory, etc.

I went to the grocery store yesterday to pick up chicken thighs for a dinner and of course, everything was wiped out.

Honestly, if people would just buy what they need there would be no supply chain interruption.

It gives you a really good idea though where liberals espouse socialism… until it is “me first”. Talk about exposing their hypocrisy.

One thing I wonder about is what are you guys doing with the homeless? I’d think this virus if it takes hold in that population will be quite deadly.

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Well the fake news media has the weak minded dopes in a frenzy with a their attempt to make our President look bad . Obama watched 12,000 Americans DIED from swine flu and we heard crickets from the media and dems . It took him 6 months to declare national emergency and over 80,000 died before doing anything , but of course he was black and you know one CAN’T say anything without the racist label !


Just watch Trump news report and the moron fake new assholes were telling him ,by calling the virus the "Chinese Virus it is totally racist , he said that where it came from so it’s the Chinese virus . Then ■■■ reporters made the claim "someone " from the White house called it the "Kung flu " they couldn’t say who that was when questioned . They made more stupid claims that young Trump supporters were ignoring ALL the cautions and running to the beaches and bars because they think it’s a joke by the media . I wish Trump would have pushed back and said WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY WERE MY SUPPORTERS ? They use these news conferences to bash and bash , I don’t know how he puts up with these morons !!! :rage: :rage: :rage:

If you take note the areas hit the hardest are Cities and States that are sanctuary Cities and States . Gee I wonder why ??? :thinking: :thinking:

Because they are highly populated.

Here it comes.

Soldiers are there to follow orders, and not to think.

Yep with illegals no doubt !!! :rage: :rage:

With high number of illegals, asylum seekers.

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CNN ………………

Yes, this was one of my first thoughts when this virus emerged. I’m in the east bay suburbs of San Francisco. It seems like every freeway onramp has 100 yards of homeless encampments, trash, beggars. Someone on the news in the last day mentioned that the death toll on these people will probably be large. A large fraction are already coping with hepatitis I expect.

Another example of liberals killing them with “kindness.”

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I can’t imagine them surviving the virus and drug/alcohol addiction at the same time.

Definitely a death sentence for many of them.



…and all of these homeless people have been recently ordered by their guvnah to stay at home.

However, gasoline stations, restaurants providing takeout only, laundromats, hardware stores, supermarkets and other essential businesses can remain open.

How can Cubafornians use these essential businesses if they obey the guvnah and stay at home?

Just today I went and got some dog food and got a smog test on my truck. They say that cops are pulling people over and checking if they’re out for legitimate reasons. I do see them sitting in what look like speed traps, but that’s nothing new.

They seem to think that they can somehow deal with all of these homeless bums, but I can’t see how. They’ll be the wave that breaks the hospitals, I’m pretty sure. I’m being very careful just because of that. Very soon, a trip to the hospital will be ugly.

Like a scene from Ben Hur.

Maybe they didn’t have shopping carts.

This liberal hell hole is 10 times worst than most turd World Country !! POOP central with used needles through out the shit filled sidewalks . I can’t wait for property values to nose dive , who in their right mind would want their children around that nasty shit ??

It’s investing when you read various news sources on how they are closing businesses, talk about social distancing as well as stay home only going out when necessary.

Not a word about what they are doing about the homeless.

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