Not a good idea to go to hospital at the moment

Regeneron also. He created so many life saving drugs.

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Well that’s false of course. Why are you lying. That was not the product of OWS…and to think you scored a “like” with that mendacity demonstrates the depth of the prevarication.…

The 33K lies that occluded Trump’s 4 years in office thoroughly sullied the ideality of the Trumpers……:roll_eyes:

There’s a war going on. I guess you agree.

Wars come with casualties. Those who take the mRNA vaccine are the casualties

Johnson and Johnson is a non MRNA vaccine.

200 million Americans have taken the Trump vaccines, thus far 6,200 have died or .00018%….


The death figures are much higher. And deaths will come throughout 2022.

Nope. But I’m aware of the quack doctor in Germany who insists that everyone who has taken the Trump vaccines will be dead within two years. But he’ll be proven wrong as well……

Prof Luc Montagnier is French.
He won the Nobel Prize (Don’t aske me for what).

He said the vaxxed would die within two years and their bodies need to be incinerated.
I’m looking for his original video but can’t find it (at least on YouTube which is heavily censored now).

There’s also a doctor in Germany who’s from Thailand. He also speaks good English, but his name is unpronounceable for me.


Yeah I can understand why, turns out that’s not exactly what he said….

Honestly I’d rather die then deal with the monkeys the hospitals hire here for diversity reasons. The most ignorant ppl ever.

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I’m looking for his latest statement (which I myself quoted) but can’t find it myself — so much news now.

Montagnier’s stance on Covid and vax has not changed.

And psychopath who will gleefully administer death jabs

No, it hasn’t changed and he certainly has issues with the push for mass vaccinations. He did not however state that everyone who took the Trump vaccines would be dead in two years….

What are death jabs……:thinking:

Ask Colin Powell …….

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The video in question (in French, in question-and-answer format) seems to be “doctored” to some extent.

European sites, German and Dutch, seem to quote him as saying “dead in two years” as well.

We now know that many jabs have placebo (up to 85%) to give normies a false sense of security in getting these death jabs. The idea is to trick the normies to keep getting more jabs, boosters, and bam, the normies are dead.

He was asked later to clear the matter up and he did. He does not believe that everyone who took the Trump vaccines will be dead in two years, nor will they…

Britain started vaxxing its citizens with the Biden vax early this year and death rate soared. Same with other countries.

Obviously, athletes are collapsing and concert goers dying.
And small children are having heart attacks.

We don’t have enough data and information yet about cancer(s) and other diseases the vax is likely to trigger.

It’s not even one year and we’re seeing casualties all over the world.

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That got damn Trump vaccine causing all this harm……:rage:

You do like to prattle on about the “Trump vaccine”, don’t you?

Then why did Trump take his OWS vaccine and admonish his supporters to do likewise……:thinking::joy: