No evidence for anthropogenic climate change

Saying “CO2 causes global warming” is like saying “Lung cancer causes smoking.”
— Prof. Bob Carter

In earth’s history, there have been slight increases of CO2 after a warming period. In fact, there was a slight increase of CO2 in 1990s as well following a slight warming which stopped in 1998.

Au contraire - I think it has a lot to do with it.
TPTB decided climate change wasn’t working as a control mechanism so they switched the agenda to CV19 - CC couldn’t stop us flying but CV did.
everthing is connected, we just need to join the dots.

THE GREEN ELECTRIC CAR MYTH: 772 Pounds Of Petro-Chemical Plastics In Each Vehicle

“Green” is a mantra in the “global warming” religion.

During the Jurassic, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth,
it was a lot warmer and greener. LOL

We call them liberals these days !! Out of the mouth of turds comes more shit than one man can bare , slow your roll TURD !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This German/Dutch power generation company are really going for it …
Unfortunately there is no mention of what percentage of consumption is being filled by wind-power.

Probably we should start a new thread for this kind of thing …

Windmills may kill birds, but if they are built off-shore, most birds will be safe.
Much better solution than nuke power stations and hydroelectric dams (which have been collapsing in the US, China and elsewhere). Furthermore, hydroelectric dams destroy nature and cause earthquakes.

There is so much chemtrail in the sky and I have no idea what these chemicals do.
And the unusually heavy rains over China this year probably are a result of weather warfare. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Vote Biden or get more wild fires

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Trump is responsible for these wild fires…
This puts the blame on the people who voted for him.

Pharisaic logic, I guess.

In reality, dry air and strong winds are signs of a (coming) Ice Age.

You cannot be serious …

I think that was another attempt to get this thread on the Pharisees. Boy I haven’t seen that for a day, at least

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No, it was a quote. I didn’t say that.
I guess you’re smart enough to know that.


OK so we’re ruled by Ty and Kelly, I can live with that

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Well if you want to quote someone you should use quotes … “I guess you’re smart enough”

Or you could use the platform quoting system …

Otherwise people will ascribe those thoughts to you. :+1:

If I post something, let’s say an article,

and somebody quotes from me the “left-wing arsonists are setting many of the wildfires” portion, it would appear I wrote that. Wouldn’t it?

I don’t know how to make it clear that I didn’t write it originally.

Jared Kushner must be pissing them off.

Srsly the sarcasm is coming off as real. Must be that guy they follow

Or years of being a bohemian and taking too many drugs!