No Amnesty For the Wall!



Then you’re for securing the border including building walls. You’re for deporting illegals when they are caught regardless of sanctuary cities or not?

It’s not hard to become an American citizen, it takes a desire and a commitment to assimilate into the US. That means not breaking the law which every illegal in this country has done.


Actually it doesn’t it’s quoted from another person as you can by the name in the quote.
It’s a way to discuss another persons post without involving them which in this case is preferable as the original comment is beyond ridiculous.

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For legal immigrants? Yes. For illegals. Not necessarily.

My rant was just about the difficulty in becoming a US citizen. I did not advocate for illegal immigrants. You need to slow down and read. Or ask me directly. Don’t assume.


What, in your opinion, would be an “illegal immigrant” ?


Yep I am for securing the border more than it is today. I am not for a wall the Trump campaigned on. The version that he has changed several times is unknown.

I’m for deporting illegals who are criminals or not a positive net gain to our economy.

It’s way harder than it needs to be.



we should make it easier for them to be citizens?
well the AMA should make it easier for people to be doctors too, as we have a doctor shortage , what do you think about that?

And if you or your loved ones need medical assistance perhaps you can seek out one of those doctors who became doctors which was made easier because we need more doctors

I wonder how you would feel if you ran into a surgeon who came through that program

We need more engineers , our infrastructure is crumbling, perhaps we should make it easier for people to become engineers.

Oh we should make it easier for people to become pilots as the pay is pretty good if you catch a ride on a Big Airline company, perhaps you would love to take a chance flying in a plane with a pilot who became a pilot because it was easier

You would think that is a stupid idea? yes.

Immigration should not be easy, and as you said you haven’t traveled outside the US, most countries have a strict immigration policy when it comes to Immigration


Any non us citizen residing in the US without Valid papers (ie green card).


And what requirements would a non-US citizen have to meet to get “valid papers”?

Currently libs believe the answer is “have a pulse”.


Did you just equate being a doctor or engineer to becoming a citizen? WTF?

How are they remotely related? How many people in the US are born doctors? Or engineers? How many are born citizens?


Swoosh…buzz… swoosh

Im going to dumb it down for you Prag.

The point was making it easier for illegals to be citizens is a bad idea, why? because it sends a message that If you can get into the United States it easier to apply vs attempting to come legally.

And if you want to make it easier for people to become citizens why have border security?
Why have customs at the Airports or other points of entry

If that was the case what would stop ISIS from entering into the United States, why would stop MS 13, Cartel and other criminal organization from entering into the United States?

what would stop human traffickers from carrying out their mission

Do you want open borders like the E.U.?


Then the border will never be secured. Sure a few will get through but not 66K since the first of the year.

The version has changed as he’s trying to find a barrier that works that will satisfy people like you who advocate drones and technology which stops no one from crossing but gives us an accurate count. I’m sure that reality escapes your myopic vision.

Every illegal in this country has broken multiple laws and are deportable. few represent a net gain for this country and take as much as the can from medicaid, welfare for their anchor children to earned income credits.

Not 1 illegal should be eligible for citizenship as they have expressed their disdain for this countries laws and refusal to assimilate.


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He put out a set of requirements and multiple companies made proposals. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the government to award contracts to multiple companies. Each company’s offering will be different than another’s. So long as the companies meet requirements, the government may choose to award contracts to them.

Generally the government does not tell a contractor HOW to meet requirements. So the “version” - as you put it - will likely look different for different contractors.

The fact that you dont know this indicates your complete inability to intelligently contribute to a conversation about what the border would look like.


Not really, the large majority of legal immigrants get in because they have a family member who got in, not based on individual merit or the needs of the country.

Easier? We let in two million legally last year. How many more do you want a year?


Prag has been given sufficient information now but has failed to reciprocate.

Translation… Dantes is trolling now.


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I know how federal contracting works better than trump. He announced a few months back that he negotiated with a contractor and HE awarded a 40 million dollar contract. Except he can’t do ANY of that. He cannot be involved in the sourcing or downselect process.

If Trump knew that contractors dictate HOW they are going to meet a requirement then he would keep his mouth shut or stick to 1 requirement. If he said he wanted a concrete wall and DHS put it as a requirement… then the contractors will build a concrete wall. However Trump has changed his requirements repeatedly to the point that not even his own party knows what he wants.

Trump can’t stay on message and he doesn’t know what he wants. That’s a problem.


Wow, it was pretty nice here in your absence. Well the hate speech is back.