No Amnesty For the Wall!



Why haven’t they assimilated into American culture then???
Why should American taxpayers have to support them?
Why haven’t they made the attempt to become American citizens?

The return home for asylum seekers as well as illegals is critical to implement change in their countries.


You only have to look at the stance on 3rd term abortion to understand what “value” is to a liberal.


From your own words:

If you don’t think being born here and a citizen of the United States is a privilege then simply go somewhere else where you think you have have more opportunity.

Or, acknowledge you have privilege and do something with it or don’t. If you don’t stop sniveling about people who did and just own up to being proud or at least grateful to be who you are.


Pandering. Press 8 for Spanish.

Because no politician has the guts to take the issue head on except for Trump. We keep electing politicians who kick the can down the road. You and I stroke a check every year to pay for this crap while we sweat out a budget for our own lives.

Why should they when it has been a non-issue (joke) for decades.

The one thing I learned as a parent: Do not ever threaten unless you are going to follow through.

The “dreamers” don’t take this seriously because our politicians lack the backbone to follow through. We all know this.

Amazing things “could” happen if people stayed in their countries and implemented change from within.

But, liberal Americans are the great enablers and codependents.


It is man-made, it is not intangible.


say what?
after they pay a fine? and how much is this fine and what happens if they choose not to pay it? its goes on their credit report, do you incarcerate them?

We suck at securing our borders because we have to deal with people like you and AOC and all the rest of the hypocrite left that says we are too hard on them, or we separate their children from there, and we dont put them up at the 4 seasons or Motel 6

boo hooo hooo, Im sorry I dont have any empathy for people coming here illegally and then expects us to open our doors and such to accommodate them

This is our country and they are guests, you want to be family you come in the right way like what millions of immigrants have done.

why should they be treated special because they come from a poor background.


That’s because he’s never lived anywhere else.


I’ve never lived anywhere else either, Sneaky.

But, I am grateful for the opportunities this great country has offered to me.

I also acknowledge that what I do with it is on me.


Right? Crud. I wouldn’t even be in favor of imposing a fine.

I’d be more in favor of a deduction from foreign aid. Hit em where it hurts.


Funny, these are questions and requirements other countries ask when applying for a PR or work permit. But the US? Not so much, we lowered the bar for the “Browning of America”! As the new buzz fear mongering word is being peddled out by the stupid talking buttholes!


That would be my focus and selling point! The US needs to do more on focusing on our southern hemisphere, and getting more involved in the the business side of things having Bolsonaro In Brazil as an able ally is a great start.


The CBS poll just released confirms that 72% of Americans agree with President Trump’s border security!


Face it…You are a lousy American, a typical Progressive Liberal who wants every good American to feel as lousy as you do about this great country.


You don’t know me. Surprised you didn’t hit me with an MLK quote you don’t believe :joy:.

I like being here it is the only country I know. I just don’t think immigrants should need to go through what they do to be a citizen. It should be easier. We can make it easier and secure our borders better. It isn’t an either or proposition.


I know you. (Farts when thinking of your anti-american ilk. )

The illegal aliens did not pay and work to make this country what it is. The immigrants that came legally and built this country did not sponge off the citizens that have been paying through the nose to build this county. The federal tax rates when my grandfather came through ellis island were all single digit numbers.


Now that is absolutely astounding statements from a person who is clueless.

Obviously an open border advocate that is also clueless as to the results of open border. Imagine a population double what we have today and the reality is most would be below current poverty standards and the enormous costs placed on the country.

Can you say third world country??

I’m further astounded you could be a product of our education system or perhaps this is the product of our failing education system.


Indoctrination made him think this way.

The brains of such people are so vulnerable to suggestion from their self loathing guilt.

BTW… you should consider using quotes around his nonsense. Otherwise someome will think that is your position and then we will have a misunderstanding.


When have I ever said I was for open borders? Stop with the strawmen


We have a legal system that has been used by millions of legal immigrants… not faking asylum and not crossing the border illegally.

Why cant these people use the legal system?

Answer: because they are not good this county. They would not be accepted to be among the best people in the world. Legal immigrants bring needed skills that can be used to sustain themselves and are not infected and willingly go through a citizenship program.

Illegal aliens just come, infect others, take what others have worked for, and to all Americans and our traditional culture say “fuck you” in their gibberish uneducated tongue


When do criminals voluntarily confess their crimes?

You are for allowing anyone who wants to come in to our country and receive the fruits of Anerican labor… the free healthcare, free legal service, free housing, free education, free food, free childcare. And nothing is required of that person. There is no circumstance that you would permit that would deprive these people of these “free” things.

Free = paid for by an american citizen who must sacrifice on order to pay for these things for his own family.