No Amnesty For the Wall!



I almost thought, did I not catch that to edit it? but asaratis explained and now it make sense, one of the flaws of this site that needs to be fixed.


I would agree with that. Legal status to stay and work, but no citizenship until those ahead of them get theirs…


That’s the problem, I don’t blame the kids for actions of their parents…but I’ll be damn if we allow those parents be rewards for their illegality.


You know you are one of my favs on here but I cant agree with you on this one, my reasoning( and its only my opinion) that if you break the law and enter or in some cases their parents broke the law by entering America illegally , even if you live an exemplary life while in America you still broke the law.

It would be like me breaking into your home once, and stealing everything in your home to give it to homeless vets and the really poor who are struggling, does that excuse my crime?

What I will say is people who come here and hasn’t sponged off the system not once, assimilated here and does everything to continue on with American Values and entering illegally was their only crime.

This is where Im on the fence on, because I do believe if they were given citizenship they would be a value and that is assuming they want nothing to do with the country they came from.

If they are from Mexico and has family there and hasnt sent money back to them , keeping the money they earn here and spent here and learns english ( Its fine that they can speak another language) but they dont demand services in their native tongue then I believe they should be considered for citizenship , case by case basis.

Just my opinion though.


The parents broke the law. They are responsible for their children being here. The parents of DACA recipients should NEVER be granted citizenship or allowed to stay in the US. Send them home.


I don’t blame the kids for crossing illegally either yet they are still in the country illegally and all need to go home.

Until this country normalizes our population and it’s once again in balance you can expect stagnant wages forever. You can expect 37% of the workers sitting home eating bob bon. You can expect higher healthcare costs. You can expect higher housing costs (competition you know). You can expect higher taxes to help the illiterate newbies. You can expect piss poor pubic education. (i din’t misspell the word). You can expect them not to assimilate and eventually a dual language country.
Etc. etc.


but what about the children?
youre damned if you do , damned if you dont
If you send the children back its considered cruel, but if you let them stay it tells others there is the loophole you need to circumvent the law.

Personally I say Send them ALL BACK, doesnt matter if they were born here , their parents broke the law and if they are under 18 they have to leave, its no different from American who gives up their citizenship voluntary and if they want to come back , they have to go through the necessary channels, and yes I know voluntary and involuntary (deportation) isnt the same thing.

I also think that the US if they deport the kids born here that once they are adults they can apply to come back , because they were born here moves them up the pecking order

again just my opinion.


I mean send the parents home. Their children should be old enough now to take care of themselves. The parents do not deserve a path to citizenship. Send the parents home.


Pretty much my rendition.

The bleeding hearts are destroying this country.


oh I agree, but what about the kids who are under 18 that was born here and their parents illegally came here


That’s an entirely different problem.

It’s an amendment to the constitution interpreted to todays standard. Incorrectly according to constitutional scholars but it’s what activist judges bring us.

The illegal thing is just flat out lawlessness.

Th asylum thing and implementation is just piss poor law.



Then they should be sent home with their parents.


Same applies…the parents go home, the citizen adult stays. Damn the parents and the illegal kinfolks. Let them apply for a visa and work their way to citizenship just like all the legal immigrants have done throughout our history.


Not to be a pain in the ass but define “value”. Rather, ask a liberal what “value” means. It puts us right back at square one. So, it has to be black or white, no grey areas.

However, if you ask me what value means, it would be along the lines of:

Minimum: high school graduate
No criminal record
Stable employment record
Not enrolled for government assistance.

In other words, a net contributor - not a taker.


The privilege of US citizenship is fascinating. The fact that we feel some sort of entitlement to being a citzen just because we were born here. Citizenship is this intangible man made construct. To be clear we have a constitutional that sets forth citizenship/naturalization requirements, but still I find the privilege to be fascinating. I don’t feel like I have privilege being born here but some people want everyone to jump through hoops to get something they got for free.

Why is it so hard to become a legal citizen?


This is the only “home” some have ever known.

Although it does create a certain level of evil delight in me to see a “caravan” headed south rather than North. Kind of like I want stick my fingers in my ears and my tongue out and yell, naaaaah-naaah take that, how do YOU like it?

Then again, maybe these kids educated in the US could possibly bring about positive change to their home countries.


This would never happen. No Republican would ever suggest this. Rounding up kids like this is hunger games? Non starter.


Then leave. Find some place else to live where your “privilege” has to be earned by you not by the people who already and still do make great sacrifices on your behalf.


That is exactly what I mean, those who are or will a net contributor I would have zero issues with
but a taker, leech, sponge and a POS not a chance in Hell.

Most liberals have no clue what “value” means, they think its a french soft drink served at the Olive Garden


Whoa calm down. Not sure how you got there from where I was. I don’t recall saying I wanted to move away or that it was shitty here, did I?

Anyway I think all non violent illegals should be given citizenship after they pay a fine. Including dreamers. Not going to punish people with deportation just because we suck at securing our border.