No Amnesty For the Wall!



My wife is from Colorado. We spent almost 15 years together there before we left for a better job opportunity. We’ve since settled in Texas.

We periodically go back to visit her family but no longer recognize it. Between the gambling, the pot legalization and the slow takeover by DEM politicians, we have no plans to go back there once I retire. We have made our home in Texas and have no plans to leave.


What is up with that freaky Denver airport? Some disturbing things on display there.


Can’t blame you there.

Pot, magazine size law, California emissions law signed by last governor, physician assisted suicide all passed, National popular vote act, repeal of Tabor, single payer health insurance all on the liberal governments agenda for the next 8 years.

Truly Colorado is headed to caliornication in the fast lane.


Well color me not surprised! Only confirming Ryan is a traitor!


Don’t see how you can pin it on Ryan, how was he supposed to deliver Senate Democrats?


Come on! Ryan is part of the big club of RINOS who never supported a wall and his Lobbyists known as the Koch Brothers don’t want a wall either, it goes against their business interests. That is why the entire omibus bill was a sham from the beginning. Ryan basically told Trump he would have his funding, and then left him holding the bag! How is that for not lying and not keeping your word?


Again, how did Trump imagine Ryan could deliver the democratic senators that would be needed to get past a certain filibuster?


Do you really think it just comes down to a filibuster in order to get the funding needed that Trump was advocating for? Even so, Ryan sabotaged it so Republicans wouldn’t be in support of it either. Why are you ignoring that fact? Or are you simply trying to play devils advocate with me?


This is pretty much my view as well. Maybe in the future if they become productive members of society and stay out of trouble…and our borders are finally secured then we can talk.

But not before then.



Lying Ryan and his boys.

Trump learned a valuable lesson, kind of like Reagan with the Democrats in the house as they promised to fund Reagan’s proposal for a wall and in return Reagan would grant a one time amnesty for 3 million illegals and the Democrats reneged.


True! Also leads me to believe how He and Romney tanked the 2012 presidential race so the Big club could keep the status quo.






Yes the democrats show their true colors, my way or the highway.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump and congressional negotiations on border security (all times local):

11:50 a.m.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there will be no money for President Donald Trump’s border wall in any deal to keep the government open past a Feb. 15 deadline.

A bipartisan group of House-Senate negotiators met for the first time Wednesday, and Pelosi addressed the issue at a session with reporters on Thursday. The California Democrat said she wants to see the negotiators’ bipartisan bill by next Friday.

She told a news conference: “There will not be any wall money in the legislation.”

This is the democrats vision of negotiations.


It’s either our way or nothing.

Shut down the goverment again and walk away.

But repugs lacks balls.


This is how the democrats have always operated.

And of course the GOP always folds.


That’s because democrats lack compassion, it’s powerful tool. Oh they claim to have compassion for political expediency but when rubber hits the mate, their true colors come out.



This certainly looks like wall construction to me!

Awesome Drone footage from the New Mexico, Mexican Border!


New development! More troops being sent to the border and there is already in progress a preparedness and readiness training exercise in progress.

50 cal Humvee’s are mobilizing!


That’s exactly right and they can get asylum for practically anything. Domestic abuse is not a reason to grant asylum (for example). Neither is crime.

They are abusing asylum. Again it goes back to the judiciary. We’re being ruled by old lawyers in bath robes.