No Amnesty For the Wall!



Well if you read my earlier comment, which I have no doubt you did, this really goes back to addressing issues such as employers, sanctuary Cities status etc. If the WH and our elected officials were to address this issue by way of Federal monies allotted to Cities who blatantly ignore Federal mandates under the law, then hitting them where it hurts the most, in the pocket book, is an effective way to start addressing Sanctuary cities status.

The employment issue is another, where stiff penalties have to be enforced such as not a slap on the wrist type of penalties but one that has real consequences for employers who willingly employ illegals which should also include prison sentences. As I stated earlier, if we were able to address this issue by drying up the life lines that illegals use then they virtually deport themselves.

Thirdly, the issue of issuing Drivers licenses and other entitlements such as healthcare, Education and other benefits in which tax payers have been on the hook for also needs to be addressed, and there should also be a severe penalty to states like Illinois, New York, and California where these policies have been in place to allow illegals to take advantage of these loopholes that such states blatantly advertise in wanting to give to illegal immigrants. See New York Mayor DeBlasio’s recent introduction of free healthcare for New York residents!

Fourth: and most importantly, is voter ID should be federally mandated across all states. While I realize the latter is another separate issue, it does relate to illegals voting in both local elections and Presidential elections that has contributed to abnormal reporting errors in certain states and this needs to be addressed ASAP.

Lastly, a real overhaul of our immigration laws needs to change to address things like “Birth Right Citizenship”, “Chain Migration” and “Asylum seekers” in order to eliminate the blatant fraudulent claims that seek to take advantage of our current laws and anchor baby factories being promoted in places like California, Oregon, and New Mexico. If we are to address immigration to effectively address this issue once and for all, then all of what I have mentioned here previously has to be address together and not piece meal. When I mean fundamental changes I mean serious no bullshit fundamental changes to our immigration policies, along with securing our borders 360 degrees! This is a must and I am still rather confounded why these suggestions I just put forth is not being mentioned in the broader discussion within the national narrative! Its baffling to say in the least!


What state do you currently reside in Lou?


I currently live in the leftist hellhole Colorado has become. I purchased a home in Cheyenne WY. Need to do some work on it before moving.

The latest from our hellhole:

Colorado Senate passes bill to essentially eliminate Electoral College

The Colorado state capital building in Denver during the winter.

DENVER — Colorado’s Senate has passed a bill to have the state award its presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

SB-19 passed on party lines Tuesday in the Senate.

Democratic Sen. Mike Foote’s bill would have Colorado join 11 states and the District of Columbia in what’s called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

It would require Colorado Electors to the Electoral College to cast their vote for the winner of the national popular vote. Currently, Colorado electors vote for the candidate who wins in Colorado.

“This really is a victory for those who believe that every vote should be counted equally,” Foote (D-Lafayette) said.


Ah yes! I know Colorado very well. I have family in FT Collins and Greeley, and traveled most of the state for many years. The Texans and the Californians who moved there turn it into the hellhole that you are referring to and I witnessed that change happening when I was there. I also had a family member in SD who had to make many trips to Greeley for special hospital treatment for a rare condition he had, so I know it well.

How is Cheyenne? I only drove through that town but never actually spent time there.

On the other issue of the electoral college, can that be challenged in the courts? And what is being done to do just that? Isn’t that considered unconstitutional? I smell a lawsuit in the future. Connecticut did the same thing which is where I first learned about this issue!


Hmm current Gov of California seemed to agree with me when this video was recorded so obviously something changed in Newsome? But what?



Let’s hope he does just that


Its good to know that he has options left in order to follow through on his promise. I think the Democrats are really that stupid to say no again when the 15th rolls around! All the more for Trump to show them who is boss! No amnesty and it will be off the table if that happens!


I hope he hands Pelosi her arse


Amazing, disenfranchising their own voters and the sheeple put up with it.


Pretty much agree with most of your points. But that is proposed future legislation. What about the 15 to 20 million illegals that are already here? It really is unrealistic to believe that they will wholesale self deport or that they will be forcibly removed.

And once again this where my mixed emotions kick in. On the one hand I agree they should all be penalized, but on the other hand what is realistic and what is practical?

One thing is certain, we need to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure these numbers don’t increase, thus compounding the problem.


Exactly !! NO AMNESTY ! Why reward law breakers ? If the very first thing you do upon entering our Country is break our LAW , why the hell would we trust you are going to follow ANY laws ??


No good reason to make them citizens, if deporting them is impractical, they can be made legal residents as opposed to US citizens. They should not be rewarded with citizenship for their illegal entry.


As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day! You start with the ideas first, then over time they get implemented. The first immediate effect is e-verify and enforcing Visa overstays. That can be implemented in no time to have an effect on the 20+ million!

More to the point, Conservatives and independents and all other Americans who support immigration reform need to get off their asses and start advocating for these changes at the grass roots levels. Expecting our politicians to magically do it for us is not going to work and for the most part is a contributing factor why we are in this mess in the first place. You have to start somewhere, and as in “We The People” need to show their power to invoke such changes by pressuring the Politicians and standing and supporting our President.


It would appear that Democrats are starting to see that their base is starting to come around to seeing Trump as being right when it comes to border security. Recent surprising poll numbers for Trump!


But will Democrats have to worry about a few blue states voting for Trump?


Figures the compact was invented by a pair of anchor babies to foreign parents who ended up becoming lawyers here. This is exactly why we should be careful who we are giving citizenship to instead of just giving it to anyone who happens to be born here.


The people from California, Washington, Oregon, all liberal people have changed the demographics of colorado. They all let their cesspools to duplicate them here.
The migration of pool out of the state has begun which will lock it in as a permanent blu cesspool.

Colorado has been a conservative city and a great place to live however ben it is being transformed,

Wyoming has a total population of 600K pool or so. Cheyenne the biggest city, 60K people and after the front range a pleasure to drive around even in rush hour. Still a conservative state that has their head screwed on straight. No state income tax and not being discussed.


I love Wyoming! Spent a lot of time in Greybull, Cody, and the Big Horn Mountains, truly a magical place. Oh the fly fishing is second to none! My favorite place is where the three states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming meet, awesome country! Its really a shame about Colorado, however there are still places where pockets of hardcore conservatives still reside. Forget Denver! Man I was there many years ago and people just seemed angry all the time, and the traffic there sucked. I once considered moving to Boulder, but life took me else where and I am glad it did. One of my favorite places is Durango, and Pagosa Springs, where the old Silverton Railroad is still running and the white water trips on the Animas River is an awesome time. Can’t go wrong with the four corners either and Moab Utah.


Boulder referred to as the peoples republic of boulder is the center of progressive bullship in the state. Boulder/Ft. Collins/Greeley/Denver/Aurora constitute the majority of people in the state all solid blue. The current governor who bought the office with his millions is from Boulder. Not a word said about that little deal. He campaigned in the liberal cities and didn’t bother to attend any debates out side the cities and didn’t;t campaign in outstate Colorado.

The left has installed in the courts in Colorado liberal activist judges who have systematically dismantled the Tabor amendment which has kept spending and the size of government under control for decades. That is being dismantled over the last 10 years. I suspect it will soon go away. They have tried to change the state income tax to a progressive income tax in the last 2 elections which will likely pass in the next 8 years as the sate gains in liberals.

The once beautiful mountains are pretty much traffic jammed every week end with liberal skiers. Denver to the first ski area, Loveland at the tunnel is 50 miles and less than an hour is 2-2.5 hour drive on the weekend.

There is little reason to stay in Colorado as they trash it and change it into a liberal hell hole.