No Amnesty For the Wall!



This was you right?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you are okay with a path to citizenship

I think its a bad idea and sets a bad precedent, all you have to do is come here have a child and then a path to citizenship is all but guaranteed

Its not a good idea, we should enforce border control, we should kick them out, if they want to come here through legal channels and they are accepted, we welcome them with open arms.

Not only should we kick them out we should fine employers, landlords that harbor illegals, becuase without an opportunity from employers and landlords they have no reasons to come here.

And destroy sanctuary cities too.


Yes I do agree! The entire employer angle is one of the leading causes that attracts them here in the first place. Eliminate that with very stiff penalties on employers who violate this law and the illegals virtually will deport themselves. I wonder why Trump has not pursued this angle yet to address the current immigration crisis?


My definition of a dreamer is a child who was brought here illegally by their parents. That child grows up in this country goes to school; college; joins the military; etc… They only speak English and have never been to their parent’s country of origin since they came here.

First I believe we need to take steps to curb future abuses of this kind. Strong border security is a must.

Then and only then would we take a one-time look at these dreamers and possibly provide them a path to citizenship. Note that I’m not looking to provide their parents with any path to citizenship, but maybe they would be allowed to stay legally so as to not breakup a family unit.


Full agreement on the employer angle. They should be punished for knowingly hiring illegals.


You are leaving out changes to the laws themselves in regards to illegals bringing children here as in “birth Right Citizenship”! The only way I would agree to anything resembling a pathway to Citizenship is if this law specifically is changed in order to address future violators! Secondly you want to reward the law breakers based on sympathy of breaking up the family unit? Uh no! That doesn’t work for me! There has to be a penalty or a ultimatum as a stipulation or condition for the parents to stay here. They either pay back taxes or return to their country of origin and apply legally with maybe a payment arrangement for the back taxes that they might owe. No exceptions on this one!


We are probably pretty close here.

I agree we need to do whatever it takes to close all of the existing loopholes.

In regards to the parents, I’m torn. I don’t disagree that there needs to be some kind of penalty. I’m not sure what form that would take.

But I think we do agree that this can never be allowed to happen again;

First secure the border and change the laws to close the loopholes. Now let’s talk about the dreamers (children of illegals brought to this country through no fault of their own) - I would support a path to citizenship for these dreamers (one time only).

The parents need to be penalized in some form or fashion. That is the tricky part. They might be allowed to stay here, but could never become citizens.


And do you know the numbers of actual DACA kids are parents there are? Im going assume that th number is low.

agreed, but then you say the exception and Im leaning towards that is the exception if they learn and speak full english ( I dont care if they keep their parents native language) didnt sponge off the system
Im curious on how they could join the military being an illegal? I can see if they were born here and they have a birth certificate

breaking up the family unit isnt a concern to me, because if you break the law and go to jail as an American citizen, american justice isn’t concerned about your family unit.

Many rapist who are american born have families too, and they went to jail despite breaking up the family unit.

I think the family unit is an excuse, you break the law you pay and sometimes your family suffers.
that is life.


Clarification on my mention of English. I was using that as an example, not as a requirement. For instance.

A 5 month old child is brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents. That child is raised to know only English. That 14 year old child knows nothing of his parent’s country and doesn’t speak the language. I believe it would be cruel and inhuman to deport that child.

In regards to the family unit, I’ve got mixed emotions. The parents could be deported without the child but that wouldn’t be fair to the child who has done nothing wrong. The parents could be deported with the child, but the child would again suffer because they would know nothing about the country.

My thoughts are that each case would need to be reviewed individually, but only after border security and loopholes have been addressed.


They broke the law coming to the US.
They broke the law working in the US.
They broke the law as few have real SS numbers.
They break the law forging documents to work.
They break the law if they voted in any election.
They break the law if they drive without a license.
They break the law if they accept EIC from fall income tax returns.

The list is endless and you want to give them a pass.

A family unit? IS the daca children, average age 24 still at home with mommy and daddy?
Do the speak English as a first language?
Did they graduate from HS?

Are they really Americans or are then foreigners like mommy and daddy who refuse to assimilate?


All valid points. I never said this would be easy. I personally have mixed emotions and likely am a little more flexible than you might be.


As I live in the west and we are over run with illegals, amnesty cities not far away, it’s understandable. My daughter was unable to find a part time job while in HS as employers hired illegals. She didn’t speak spanish so there was a language barrier. In our area, 50% of HS teens were unable to find employment.

Different parts of the country are affected differently. As we have more non english speaker entering the US and they spread out more people are being affected and getting pissed.


One of my pet peeves is going to a fast food restaurant where the person waiting on me has little command of the English language. I get really frustrated when attempting to order and the person taking my order doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say. Thankfully I can vote with my feet. There are more than enough alternatives.


Its irrelevant Peekaboo, the parents knows the risk, that is why most of the hide, they realize if they are caught there is a good chance they could be deported.

America over the years has become too soft, most countries including Mexico you dont want to get caught being an illegal, unless you have enough money to bribe bureaucrats

Do you know what happens to an illegal who is caught in Mexico?

We should adopt their rules as they got it right.

Do you know what happens to illegals caught in China or north korea, or even Russia.
we are too soft here thanks to the liberals.

Even the Canadians are tougher, they catch your ass and they detain you and physically deport you, if youre caught again your jailed then deported and if you are caught again, I wish you the best of luck because you will spending time in a super max prison

For a country with a softy pussy Prime Minister their policies are pretty tough and in Canada, Illegals cant licenses, healthcare cards to access health specialists

But America gives illegals drivers licenses and free healthcare to some.


That is incorrect. Thy generally speak spanish at home and learn english thanks to the taxpayers.


I at least want the same deal they were offered by the gang of eight not that long ago, a five year amnesty on not paying federal taxes. I want five years of my federal taxes refunded. Why should non-citizens get a better deal than actual citizens?

In case you didn’t know, the proposed gang of eight deal on illegals forgave them for five years of back taxes they didn’t pay as illegals.


Seems fair to me! If they are going to grant a 5 year reprieve of paying taxes then yes I agree we should as citizens get the same 5 year deal of paying no taxes, or either that a 5 year tax refund!


This is the kind of shit that got Trump elected President! This has got to stop or we will no longer be a country! Fk the liberals, we can start lumping them in with our enemies and start labeling them as traitors!


There you have it! When you allow your emotions to supersede your critical thinking ability then you have a problem! Now I understand that most of us are Humans (except if you are Liberal) and the emotional aspect of this can be conflicting, but, it should not get in the way in taking a tougher stance on people who blatantly broke our laws. There should be no exception of this whatsoever and there should be a price to pay at some point.


There is also the practical matter of trying to deport 15 to 20 million illegals. I simply don’t ever see something like that taking place by any future administration.

So how do we deal with them? That’s were my mixed emotions come in.



Make them all self deport by putting the burden on the employers. Make e-verify the law of the land. Add 100K people to audit business. If they find an unregistered person 5K fine payable immediately. If they find fraud a duplicate SS number in the system, 10K fine payable immediately. Return the next day, person still on the payroll rinse and repeat. Check bounce, close the doors and lock it down. No work, they live or starve unless they move to california or NY.