Mueller Prosecutor Departs DC Team After Setting Sentencing Trap in Roger Stone Case…


Vindman’s actions are consistent with a bureaucrat who mistakenly believes he is in charge of foreign policy not the duly elected POTUS. Notice the appearance in full dress uniform and the insistence on using his military title. This smacks of political staging most probably by Democrat staffers.

Schiff even conducted secret rehersals in the underground bunker before witnesses could testify in public. Despite strong evidence the Ukrainian witchhunt was fabricated by Democrats as a pretext to attack Trump no investigation of their role has or will be undertaken. :roll_eyes:

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The trials would have to be taken out of the DC area to get any real justice and I’m not sure they can do that. I’m sure Barr is overwhelmed with the extent of the corruption and criminality and President Trump himself has said many times he did not know how bad the DC swamp really is. He definitely needs a second term followed by another 8-16 years of an ethical POTUS to clean up the mess that has been made of DC the past 4 decades. JMO

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…and that stupid bastard Swallowell wants to start impeachment proceedings again for it.

With his training, according to General John Kelly, who would have a far better grasp of such protocols than you would…

What kind of protocols are you talking about? I’m only a military wife but learned enough about the military “chain of command” that must be adhered to which Vindman did not and I’m pretty sure no military General would condone breaking that protocol.

Vindman has a military record of disciplinary action against him by his superiors and has been passed over twice for promotion. In this day and age of politicizing everything I wouldn’t be surprised if Vindman isn’t going to use his 15 minutes of fame to try to get a promotion. He’s a disgrace and needs to be booted out of service with no pension. IMO


Well then you don’t know as much about it as GENERAL John Kelly either…:man_shrugging:

How much time did you serve in the military?

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Or maybe Barr is overwhelmed with Trumps tweets.

I wonder how long it will be before you and others are accusing Barr of being a deep state globalist traitor.

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Really? I seriously doubt it. The sentencing of Roger Stone is considered excessive by most reasonable people so I don’t understand why you are allowing your TDS to creep up again to interfere with your intellect?

I might be willing to call him that if people involved in the coup are not held responsible. Why make such an incendiary comment?

For the asshats like you who have accused Barr as being Trump’s personal attorney this should leave no doubt that Barr is acting independently from Trump.

I am just responding to Barrs own comment about Trumps tweets.

We have seen this so many times before. Trump appoints someone and his supporters tell us what a great pick it is etc etc. Then that person is either critical of Trump or somehow diverges from the path. Then the supporters turn on them with the typical accusations of deep state operative, swamp dweller etc.

I am not learned enough to say whether Trumps constant tweeting about ongoing legal cases breaks any law but it certainly is highly unprofessional and unbecoming of a President to do so.

Fair enough.

I think that is a little bit misguided, and only because there have been crimes committed against this president such as the spygate issue to which the previous AG “Jeff Sessions” did nothing. You have to understand that people are fed up with the double standard being applied here when talking about the AG and who should be prosecuted and its obvious from a layman’s view that equal treatment under the law should apply to all not one set of rules for the commoner, and another set for the elite class. So if people are going there in terms accusing Barr of being a gate keeper for the swamp and expressing their misgivings, its because trust in the justice system is at an all time low, given the abuses from the FBI, intelligence agencies and the deep state which is by now fairly well documented.

As far as being unprofessional, that depends on what you consider professional in terms of him tweeting. I think the content of his tweets at times can be considered questionable such as name calling, personal attacks, and trolling, but also consider that Trump is using his platform to directly connect with the people, to which the MSM has also become untrustworthy to report the news in a fair and balanced presentation and has attacked him from day one, something we haven’t seen on this level. I will concede though I wish his tweets would be less personal and more on topic about the issues that his base most care about. At this point its hard for me to care about his tweets due to what has transpired these last 3 years from the democrats, the MSM, and everyone else in between that has sought to undermine and subvert the will of the people. His doesn’t get a blind pass from me in terms of his policy making and decisions, but as far as the tweets are concerned, that is a bridge that has already been crossed. At this point, I expect scorched Earth given what we now know and what is about to happen.

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Hear we go with the pearl clutching over the President expressing his thoughts directly using Twitter instead filtering them through media minders.

Trump is not interfering with an ongoing case on the matter of guilt or innocence. Tjat has already been decided. He is protesting a grossly inflated sentencing recommendation. The Orange man bad crowd predictably explodes with overwrought emotions and braying about the rule of law when all they want is lynch mob rule.

Sure enough a closer look at the persecution of Roger Stone reveals a solid basis for the President’s criticism. There is no doubt if the political affiliations of the prosecutors, judge, and jury foreperson as well as the defendant been reversed the media would be filled wall to wall with braying about injustice. Because it’s a chance to once again express hatred for the President by proxy Roger Stone is elevated to super criminal and the prosecutors are cast as saintly. :roll_eyes:

Nice to see Barr FINALLY take a stand (tepid as it is) against Trump and point out his misbehavior. And look at that pussy Mitch finally having a bit of backbone to agree with Barr on this…:rofl:

Of course it violates common sense and protocol. People of power and influence are not to be commenting publicly on real-time investigations and litigation. Trumps ever the moron.

Barr says Trump’s tweeting makes it “IMPOSSIBLE” for him to do his job.

You mean the squad ? Comey , Page , Pencil neck shiffffff , McCabe …………

This is a glaring case of equal treatment not being applied.

Regardless of political affiliation this should concern everyone.

Rapists serve less time than 87-108 months. Considering his age this is a death sentence. Not only that but did the FBI really need to surround his house like he was a terrorist?

Talk about over kill and the lefties trying to send a message that what? You disagree with us and our agenda and this too could be you?

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Some good points which have given me something to ponder.

However I still maintain Trump hired Sessions, he hired Barr. When does Trump become accountable for the people he personally hires?

I absolutely agree that he should be held accountable for those hires! No doubt about it!

I am not sure if you are familiar with the game of American Football, but to use the sport as an analogy, the coach and QB are usually a tandem that determines whether the team is going to be successful or not. Like the president and the AG the two need each other to have a successful administration. Consider “the People as the GM who decide if this team is a failure or if change is needed, then so far it’s a mixed result. But like in Football, if either one fails then that usually ends up with both of them being fired.

When Sessions was hired a lot of people had hope that justice would be delivered and we all know how that turned out. Now with Barr, and the recent news of McCabe not facing criminal charges for lying under oath while Michael Flynn’s life has been destroyed for a less egregious crime there is obviously a double standard being applied that has a lot of people upset as well as rapidly losing faith that Barr will deliver appropriate justice that is equal to all. Trump for the most part, if Barr proves to be another ideologue swamp gate keeper will definitely have to answer for that failure. I also believe his appointment of FBI director Wray was another bad hire who is also tied into the DOJ cover- ups.

Barr has some critical decisions to make between now and election time if he hopes to remain the AG. If the Durham investigation turns up a nothingburger or Barr decides not to prosecute the other culprits involved in the Spygate scandals and continues the status quo, then come election time things will look quite different for Trump. If the latter proves to play out and Trump wins a second term, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump make another change at the AG position and forcing Barr to step down.

If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend you check this link out to get a better insight to the motives behind the DOJ corruption.

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