Millie Weaver arrested

This is really jacked! This as she stated earlier she was about to break a huge story!

InfoWars reporter Milli Weaver was arrested today and she has no idea why. Officers told her it’s based on grand jury charges against her for burglary. She said she was about to break some “big news.”

The arrest comes only days after she dropped a trailer for her new documentary Shadow Gate .


Now the truth comes out.

lets see if this link works…yes it works…the full film

legal defense fund


WOW I just watched the whole thing and I’m practially speechless! How smart is President Trump for turning down the offer and it’s amazing he won at all. :open_mouth: It does give me hope that good old “common sense” & living in “reality” can beat artificial intelligence.


I posted it on the H forum and the thread was locked after 80 or so posts.

I bet the deepstate censors the Durham indictments.

On Newsmax…Bannon and others talking right now about a bunch of arrests in Hong Kong for sedition and fake charges last night.

and here

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I am living in fear that I will be targeted. I run a media company and we currently pursuing a series a films of the poor and homeless during the covid crisis here in Hong King. Truly remarkable stories of some beautiful people that will make you cry. Humanity at its best. Yesterday I was walking to my office and police pulled over a US citizen riding a Harley for no reason and that is when it hit me. I am still waiting to see my family, and woke up this morning remembering when I was free. Working on these films has to be my reason for being here to keep my mind off of the anger I feel right now.

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How was Millie Weaver able to nonchalantly record her arrest and get it posted to social media?
Is it a coincidence she just happened to be wearing a shirt when she got arrested?
While Twitter bans and censors pretty much every conservative on the planet, how did Twitter allow to trend for 18 hours?

And keep in mind a good chunk of those posts featured her self recorded arrest wearing a Laura Loomer shirt. Remember Laura has repeated over and over again she would be Jack Dorseys biggest nightmare if elected.

Always follow the facts…not emotions.

We don’t know anything for certain at this point but we have a responsibility to find the truth… no matter what it is.

I just got a two day ban on H forum, for commenting that locking the Millie Weaver thread was inappropriate.

Here Alex Jones talks about Millie and Tory and others is there. They tell the details of the arrest.

Luckily they have there own video upload ability.

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Hannity forum is pure trash.

Sounds like it’s time to get home

Above we hear about starting about 1 hour 14 minutes.

President’s Brother died today. Lots of news today. Oh boy

I don’t know, perhaps you can answer those questions.

Totally agree! I don’t suspect Millie Weaver as the type to contrive a story, however the minute that I find that she did, is the minute I stop watching her and throw her to the wolves along with all the other retarded MSM idiots and networks!

I don’t even know what this Millie Weaver thing is all about but twice while I was reading the tread the tab crashed.

Never happened to me before.

Just crashed again when I scrolled past the vid.

Don’t click on the link, play it within this thread.

Usually when something gets shut down for no reason at all, it means that someone is getting closer to the truth.