Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



Hi Stu,

Thanks for asking.

I have been taking some time to study a bit more before creating a trading plan. Things were not going as well as I had hoped so I decided to watch some trading videos that I had previously paid for before returning :slight_smile:


Who’s Ming? :joy: Got bored. Prefer taking pictures of bits of insects these days.




“Optimistically, the trader awaited the opening of the markets for the week. With hopes held high of a big weekend gap, he opened his charts a moment before 5. Anticipation brewing. Visions of Ferraris and supermodels dancing in his head. Just one big, swift move is all it would take. To live a life of luxury, and leave wage slavery in its wake. Then the sound of the start of the week, chimes from his MT4 terminal. He snaps from his daydream, his cursor races over to the one-click trading buttons, only to find the week picked up where last week ended.”

“Fuck it, time to start drinking. I mean, it’s 9pm somewhere in the world now anyways.”


Don’t you cunnucks practically have beer as a main staple? I mean that and Hockey is a marriage made in heaven! I used to fall asleep at 3am listening to the Canadian anthem as broadcast sign off! I lived close to the border and use to pick up Canadian stations with my rabbit analog ears! Fun times!


I used to drink beer as dinner, but too much of that and fast food messed with my gut. So I’ve had to cut it out. Plus you pack on the pounds fast. :rofl:
Now it’s dry red wine on occasion and eating as much home cooked food as I can make.


Howdy, y’all. Been busy. Hope y’all got a chunk of this beautiful EU move. I gotta little! :smirk:


The EU is making the EJ move like a jerk. It needs to move earlier in the day, so there is more of the typical pullback on the EJ later on. That’s where I make my money.

It didn’t hit my pending order at 125.28, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to drop to 125.10 before the day ends so I can close up my trades that I opened at 125.22. FAK! MOVE DAMMIT!!!


Sorry Ex been away a few days and just picked this up but I don’t quite understand the connection between what I said and boys toys.:thinking:


EU been a scalpers paradise last couple weeks:


First loss in a bit. As I have stated, I dump a trade the instant I lose confidence in it. Small loss that would have been BE had I held it – don’t matter – ya gotta follow ya gut. Period.


Small bites and be gone. Ok …I’m a mouse not a man !! :joy:


Will be interesting to see what is already baked into the “Brexit Pie”. Will be looking for some nice levels as a slice of it would be nice :money_mouth_face:
Probably a couple of nasty spikes closer to the date to draw in the doomsday money…

Edit: I’m looking to trade it via Gbp/Aud probably. Although an eye on Cable too.


Nothing personal :+1: It was an observation that buried deep down inside is part of your youthful essence. It is what makes you buy motorcycles, for example.






gotcha, I just re-read and saw what sparked your comment :+1:


I just stumbled across an interesting presentation of economic cycles.

I guess we can call this the Trump Spring. lol


Hey I’m curious on how much you follow gold and how/why it trades?


I give it the same amount of attention as everything else, with the exception of Eur/Usd. So I mark out some levels in advance both long and short and have an alarm as price gets close, if I’m in the chair I zoom in and look for a tight entry.
For my purposes it trades like anything else in that it respects what I look at most of the time (of course being careful to remember nothing is perfect)! So I only trade to give an instant return in cash. I’m not a gold bug. @Magog is probably the one to talk to for buy and hold physical.

I don’t invest in physical gold personally so can’t comment from that perspective, apart from 30 + years scrap collection. I do wonder if we will reach a point were all the gold in the world won’t buy a clean water source, patch of land and seeds.
It is said that it is inversely correlated to the US$ but wish you well trying to follow that advice :roll_eyes:
I trade everything in isolation, they are either at a level or they’re not.