Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



It’s ok no problem. Not others just other. I’ve never been interested because of the hassle factor and it definitely hasn’t come about through soliciting but a good deal dropped in my lap and as I’m sitting here anyway, thought why the hell not.
A restriction on the sharing of radar levels I think is a bit misguided but whatever.
I’m not locked into anything apart from that really, so will see how it goes. I’m assured there will be no over the shoulder antics and I believe it is almost loose change for the party concerned.


Something came into my head that I once read, if I can find it and it makes sense I will email you from my hotmail account :+1:

I won’t say good luck because you won’t need it. just enjoy


Thanks mate. Ok will keep an eye out for it.


So that’s why they call you “lucky Rob” :rofl:

Haven’t traded this week as been busy – also just ain’t with it. May try one two in the morning. We C.


I wasn’t with it either at the end of last week Jim and skipped Friday with no analysing over the weekend. It did some good as I am up around 7% this week so I will probably skip trading tomorrow and just analyse charts for next weeks levels.
Hope you get focused again soon and start kicking some butt :+1:


Good deal. I agree with you, completely. Nothing worse than going into the weekend knowing you had a good profit and blew it on Friday. Congrats – good week. :muscle:


Hey … guys … I discovered this new beverage called … LUNACY JUICE !

Fortunately it wore off before I trashed my account, and I finished up nearly 11% on the month. But as Jim said… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good month Ex. :+1: Let’s put this in perspective. I’m convinced that a scalper that works at it can do 3% - 6% weekly. Lets take your figure of 11% which is almost 3% weekly. Compounded, your 11% works out to almost 250% interest on your money yearly. The leading banks are now paying 2.1% PER YEAR.

If a scalper starts out with $300. and invests $30. per week in his business and does 3% per week he will accumulate almost $24,000. in 100 weeks. It is reasonable to think, in trading, the scalper would improve his trade and do 4% the second 50 weeks. That being the case he would end the 100 weeks with a account worth almost $38,000.

In my world it’s worth the effort to learn the trade.




Just been running through the emails from various financial bodies that email me occasionally … such as one of my brokers.

IG markets is re-specifying some of their margin rates (this is for retail customers).
The majors on FX still require 3.33%, which gives you leverage of 33:1
…unless you buy (or sell) a shed-load, in which case the margin requirement is 15%

A shed-load == approximately $15m or more, unless the other currency is Swiss Franc, in which case a shed-load == $9.5m

There are half-shed-load values too. Again the typical majors remain at 3.33% except for Swiss Franc wherein the margin is raised to 5%. Also in there are a number of crosses with with GBP which have been repriced at 4%. I guess this is due to Branxiety (Brexit anxiety).

Stray into the minor crosses and everything starts at 5%, unless one half of the pair is the Turkish Lira in which case bets start at 7.5%. An interesting thing is what happens when you get to the shed-load volume in the minors. I failed to find guidance on the Rupee against the Lira (so I guess it is not there) but it appears that the Ruble is the worst currency once you are above $1m. Margin is quoted at 50% at contract sizes around $2.5m … which is way worse than the Turkish Lira! (25% above $5.5m)


Ok, because of you I dug up an old account and took a look. :smile: This is what I think is worth watching. It could take a while to play out.


I have a hunch the stats on retail accounts that get blown will not change now ESMA is there to protect . :roll_eyes:


Been quiet in here, nice of you to pop in Jen. How come you hung up the charts ?
It wasn’t Mingary was it ? :joy:


@SupaMonkey what’s happening ? Did you iron things out ?


Protect !!! I believe you are right that is what they purported to introduce the regulations for.

I gave up needing my mum to wipe my nose at about five I guess, just as I don’t need someone to excuse me when I sneeze, so what the f*ck compelled them to protect me I am not sure.


Rumour has it , climbing trees will no longer be allowed either if you are under 35 years old and the tree is taller than 10 feet.


Now I know you are kidding because I heard it was OK if you wore a hard hat and yellow vest. :rofl:


:+1::joy: and a £50 permit from some useless government body !! Ya cynical bastard ya !!


He’s on holiday …


Now… everyone knows that little boys never grow-up, their toys just get more expensive!