Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



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@Jen just curious, how long have you been trading forex?


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Thanks for the info and the link. I’ve done my share of swing trading and day trading - won some lost some - but with working full time and with kids I realized that if you cannot devote a significant amount of time to it you can easily get burned trying to go at it half ass. Most of my trading involves ETF’s or stocks, never traded currencies (which from what I researched that what Forex is about). Is there any advantage to Forex trading over ETF’s for example?


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Not really trading these days, but did it for about 6 years.


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You are trading supposedly regulated exchange based markets. Forex no central exchange.

The positives for forex from my perspective are the trading hours available, leverage/margin (although less so now).
On the whole and at retail size you will never experience liquidity issues with the Majors.

If you have been with ETF’s and making decent headway don’t fix what isn’t broken.


Welcome Eagle’ This might be of interest if you don’t mind the read.I found it this weekend by chance and have only read half way through but it seems reasonably informative.

Stocks & Commodities FX Advantages.pdf (4.2 MB)


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I deleted the limit last week thinking I would be in the chair, . Murphy’s Law at work !!


Is that murphy’s or sods law Stu :joy:
Whichever you chose don’t feel alone I have many of those. Today was a good one. I opened two trades with tight stop losses just to get them open. I then rechecked the levels and realised I need around 4 more pips on the stop. I opened the first trade to change the stop only to find that BT had decided to cut my modem. After literally a few minutes of coming back on, both trades had indeed been stopped out only to stay under the level of the stop I was adjusting to.

I referred to one of those laws amongst the other expletives I used :rofl::rofl:


Those laws always in unison bastards !!! :joy:
Unlucky mate, the trials of a trader !

I got plenty more near misses !:grin: Only posted that one to tie in with original post of levels I had on radar. I think I’ve tied up what has been referred to so will likely just chew the fat now and again and not mention levels as no one seems to benefit, plus I am signing a non disclosure type doc within next couple of weeks anyway.

Still available for a helping hand if anyone needs such a thing. :+1:


What for ? Trading for others ? :+1::+1:

edit: PM me if you would prefer !!!