Market Traders Chewin' The Fat




Taken the loot on final 1/4 @ 1.1357, was joking about 1.35 too close for a weekend hold and negative swap :wink:


Did you book some before the hold Jim ?


Got in didn’t hit well but vol not too bad, won’t be holding too long.

Edit: Out with +5.1 and calling it a day.



Only couple pips on that trade. Worst week I’ve had in some time but was able to get it back to break even with these two trades. Think I told you I have a “dumb ass” file I keep that I review every couple weeks to stay “humble”. :rofl: Added couple entries this week.


Nice one Jim. I wasn’t going to but the bell went so I got in where you got out on the last one. Stop is up to 1.2 just see what happens. No harm can be done anyway.

EDIT +1.2 defo enough now.


Looks you’ve had a really good week. :muscle: This is one of those times I happy to break even, get couple days of rejuvenation and come roaring back Monday! Have a great weekend, mate! :+1:


Cheers Jim You too mate. Always a clean slate and do it all again :+1:


Cheers Jim, I have had a day away from the charts, I will be raring to go on Monday. Sorry you have have suffered a poor week as well. Hope you have a cracking week next week to make up for it :+1:


Hi Jim, also @robgsxr … and anyone else who knows me :wink:
BTW I posted the exact same EU chart around Draghi’s announcement above.

Glad to see you broke even, I dropped 2.5% on EU mid-week and thought I had lost it. Had another UJ trade go underwater but I decided to fight back.

Wrestled with the UJ leaving one trade open for 2 days (got paid twice on the rollover :slight_smile: ). Managed to close fractionally in profit (4 pips) and also made a few extras on UJ to cover my foul on EU.

Finished the week up 1.1%, but it was a bit sweaty. :sweat_smile:
Here’s wishing y’all good trading for the coming week.


Hi I’m new here and I was checking out this thread. It seems like the focus is on swing and not talking about companies you like?


Hi, and welcome. Most of the chat in here is about FX trading.

Sometimes a few people post stuff about company stock.
Feel free to contribute or ask questions, the worst that will happen is that nobody answers…


Looks like you had a bit of a fight also this week Ex.
Ending “up” for the week in certain circumstances can see like a real victory, hope we can all see clearly next week and pull off a decent comeback :grinning:


I personally don’t know much about FX (that’s short for Forex right), is that during regular trading hours or is it during off hours?


This isn’t a bad place to start to get some basic understanding.

By the time you get to the end of what it has to offer if you are lucky you might realise that it’s then best to actually erase most of what you “learn”. If you are very lucky you might get somewhere in 12 months and be sure there is no guarantee that you can ever achieve success. You will encounter sharks and bullshitters and just when you think you can trust someone’s information you will discover they are full of shit. You will likely get impatient especially if you have some beginners luck and that will lead to you losing money, you will be market chum, you will experience euphoria, you will experience despair.
Don’t even think about paying anyone for tuition, bots, or any other wonder crap that the Forex world will throw at you !!

Yes there are people out there who are genuine but it will take you a long time to work that out and even then you could still end up as prey !!

Don’t want to put you off but you have probably already googled FOREX and discovered how quick you can become rich. The paragraph above however is closer to the reality for most people. I personally think you have to have a bit of talent lurking, think of how many people in the world play football/soccer and how many from that number actually make it in terms of it being a lucrative career.

Welcome Eagle !


Welcome! StuFx says it all in the above post. It’s a long arduous journey, but well worth the effort.




When we finish a home and the numbers aren’t as we planned them we tear the figures apart to find where we made a error in our original bid. I do the same if I have a week of trades that suck. I had two trades that hit my emergency stop. It was traderer error. One came within .2 pip of hitting my TP and one came within 1.8 pips of hitting. I took my eye off the ball because I thought they were “sure things”. Won’t be making that mistake again for a while. Don’t take eyeball off trade till SL moved to BE.

The other mistake was simply mis-charting. As shown on weekly we still ranging.

The one day shows my error. The yellow lines represent how I charted it and the purple represent how I should have charted it.

The 12hr shows in detail. Trend lines, to me, represent where buyers and sellers are at. I always begin looking for a channel at the top and duplicate that line for my bottom line. The erroneous chart told me this thing had broken through the buyers line and the accurate chart showed me it had hit buyers and was on the way back up. Had I liquidated my short and entered long, I would have had a very profitable week instead of a BE one.


Another beauty Jim, someone is going to enjoy !