Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



Scalping :rofl:


Further to the above … here is a fact sheet for November
Slightly concerning is the drop of 4.65% in the NAV per share
However there was a considerable income improvement compared to October…
So the long answer is “I don’t know”

I am into this Trust for 99,000 bits of ink-on-paper, and I am taking the capital redemption on 80,000 with the rest rolling over into the “rollover vehicle” ( LSE:BGLF ).
Anybody buying now will get one dividend payment (not yet declared, expect 2-cents) and whatever the NAV finally turns out to be distributed over the coming months.

There are some strange restrictions on this instrument in certain parts of the world. To find out if this applies to you I suggest you access the company’s website, put in your ‘real’ country of residence, and see what happens.

Carador-Nov-2018-Monthly-vF.pdf (263.4 KB)


EU close to Brexit levels again. I wonder if it will hover until March 29th …


E/U volatility warning, 3pm GMT:

Draghi due to testify on the ECB’s 2017 Annual Report before the European Parliament, in Strasbourg


Few minutes in the office playing the news. 1 safety, 2 hits


:+1:I’m still in on this one Jim :grin:


Closed now. Super Mario running his gums ! :roll_eyes:




Had to leave early this morning and got back earlier than usual – opened the screen and there she was – opportunity. Again, I owe Stu Boy. Since taking “over trading” out of my matrix, it’s simply a opportunity or not. Probably through for the week unless a sure fire thing pops up. Absolutely will not trade Friday. Thursdays always been good – Fridays always been killers.








Here comes the recession…
Massive outflows from some ETFs
Trump shaking the world, tightening credit in the UK, and now this from European car sales

Sales in the EU of passenger vehicles dropped 8.4% in December compared to a year earlier. It was the fourth month in a row of sharp year-over-year declines that wiped out the growth of the first eight months of 2018: Sep: -23.5% Oct: -7.3% Nov: -8.0% Dec: -8.4%


On Radar for a long trade. Have limit which is quite conservative but will switch to manual and adjust risk if in the chair. UK100


Cable Radar levels


Stu, U trade indies much? Can it B scalped pretty much like forex? Same principals? I am going to stick with only EU (long as there is a EU :joy:) forex wise but am thinking about SPX middle of the year. Feel I will be comfortable to trade it in 6 months so.


I don’t find any difference Jim, I use my same approach, not sure about patterns etc you would have to observe that. The indices I have levels on are S&P500, Uk100, Dax30, all as cfd not futures. Margin requirements are higher than majors and crosses and will vary depending on financial jurisdiction. They are not my every day trades but I tend to mark some outlying levels with an alarm and that works well and in terms of success rate, no different to the forex side of operations. So if the alarm rings and I’m not in anything I look and weigh it up in exactly the same way I do forex, still all OHLC based.
Just like forex they have a Horsepower rating and DAX is similar to G/N or G/J IMO, a bit of a bucking bronco, I find S&P500 and UK100 more similar to EU but just like EU they can certainly have their moments.

As ever Caveat Emptor/Caveat Venditor !!:joy:

EDIT: And mostly only trade them when the underlying market is open although as CFD’s it’s similar to forex but they do have have small daily shutdowns but think that is broker dependent.


Upper level didn’t work out, well not without a 30 pip stop anyway ! I was out but having reviewed the 1 min chart I probably would have had a go at it but it would have added to the negative portions of my stats with a 8/10 pip loss.


Morning Stu, I have similar levels around that area and have bought a retest for a few pips this morning from the blue arrows.

My red line is a monthly close from august 2017 and the top yellow a weekly close from 2016.

It really is a dangerous thing to be in any trade to do with the GBP for to long while the brexit fiasco is taking place.


Nice one Rob :+1: I gave that one a miss as hooked up elsewhere that was Monday high too, my other is at 29156 ish and will keep 27878 on the radar still if it gets down there.