Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



Watching to see if I can get something on the levels in the box, it’s pulled up a bit short but will still keep it valid and see how the hour closes. If it closes down without a touch I probably scratch it off the list.


I started looking at indices a couple of weeks ago because I came across a guy at FF trading them who I had spoken with early last year.
They seem to work fairly similar to currencies just that some have more gaps due to closing times I guess
I did trade the us30 on tuesday for the first time and it was a negative trade but was my fault on timing so I will focus a little more.
Also I have mainly checked against only weekly and monthly levels not so much daily although on the US 30 the pink line is daily and held up well


Taken 6958.5 stop 6967 tp on the hoof


Crushed by the slow … of death.


Haha creep is one of my fav’s.
It appears that the ftse is pushing for a retest of that 6995.00 level again. I might take a short off it if it reaches with a few pips stop the other side.


:+1:My next is 7009. With any luck I’ll be in bed.


I will be mindful of that when placing stops :ok_hand:


Oh shit, my day hasn’t been the best mate, take it with a pinch of salt, just managed a quickie on cable which almost gets me back on an even keel for the day. Not had a losing day in a while so think I will call it a day and hope the tea leaves give me a better clue Monday.


Same here, what was a 1.5 % up day has ended -2.5 % and I am loathe to fight it.

Shit happens, Look forward to the new week :slight_smile:

Edit: Couldn’t stop myself it was to tempting :rofl::rofl:

Sold on my line and got out with few pips just to say f*ck you for the end of the week…
Now I really am done !


What I’m looking at: We’ve had 7 down days in a row – sorta unusual. Some was predicated on rumors of a china deal. Larry Kudlow said Fri it ain’t so. Expecting a retrace to 1450 so before much more downthrust.

The 2 hr shows a nice declining wedge. I probably make money 80% of the time if I have a well formed wedge. We C.


Weekly Charts January 20th, 2019
USDIndex, Weekly
USA500, Weekly


They look clean Stu :ok_hand:
Is that Andrews pitchfork with extra Tynes added or another indi ?
I haven’t considered it for long timeframes, I just use the standard fork on intra day only.


This is going to be a great pair to short at some point, and probably a few months down the road!


Sorry mate you got me puzzled on that one. What looks clean ?


The charts look uncluttered with just these lines present, that’s what I meant !


I agree Doc, it seems inevitable that world opinion will assume GB weakness for a period after leaving / not leaving, it’s just tricky at the moment with the knee jerk reactions to any news with brexit in the text.


Sorry mate it doesn’t refer to a post so don’t know but I’ll accept it must be clean whichever one you are referring to. You referring to Alex charts ?

EDIT @Dr_Manhattan and @robgsxr I fancy Cable around 1.60 by year end


Yep sorry Stu let me try again, they are Alex’s charts. I don’t know why but when I reply to any posts my system no longer shows the post I am referring to… It was ok for a while!

Sorry Alex, if you pick this up just wondered what fork indi that is ?

That’s a brave prediction Stu on cable! I agree we should see it back up but timing it ? I couldn’t begin to guess. What we do know is the charts will give us a clue when it starts


Ok Got ya, yes they are tidy I’m Not sure how @AlexC trades them, entry at outer edges or wait to see if it bounce first then look for entry ? Perhaps he will tell us ?
Just a guestimate mate for cable. I try and look at a monthly like an hourly and then wait for ages to see if I got lucky !
They have to keep buyers and sellers interested, if this (meaning monthly cable) was an hourly chart I wouldn’t be shorting, that’s not to say it can’t drop more but I would need to be enticed at a much higher level before starting to attack the bait.


I’m posting pitchforks or Andrew’s median lines on the MT4 platform.
The free indicator can be found here:…94#post3039794
This is the single most important statement made in Dr. Andrews’ original course:
“Median lines and Median Line Parallels: the Median Lines enable the user to be one of the few who can tell where the prices are headed, and the place they will reach about 80% of the time, and when approximately that place will be reached.”