Man made climate catastrophe

I am starting this thread to collect arguments against the supposed threat of climate change. Also, it keeps cropping up in other threads so here we go with a short clip from 4 learned contributors.

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From the other side … it appears that sea levels are rising

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John Cook a cartoon artist started this crap!

No wonder Trump found it so easy to snooker you fools!

Hello Pragmatic! YOU are not fooling anyone here!

I find it a shame that there is so much focus on voodoo science when we have a garbage patch the size of a small island that goes unmentioned.

I read last week a whale was found with 50 lbs of plastic in its stomach.

That is real. That is something we can use money to do something about.

Guess it isn’t catastrophic enough to win an election or fleece taxpayers.


I heard 40kg (roughly twice as much), whatever it is a shocking state of affairs.
I don’t know if it is too late to do anything about that.

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It is enraging to me that no one can seem to care about our sea critters and their ecosystem which affects all ecosystems/food chains.

But, hey. Let’s jump on the “green deal” while ignoring the elephant in the room.

Pretty disgusting. I’ll bet if you asked AOC about the great garbage patch she’d give you a deer in the headlight look.


That is because AOC has read too many “Harry Potter” books to know what reality looks like or what cause to champion!

It is because all she knows is what she thinks she knows. What she thinks she knows she is an "expert"on and here to save us all from our intellectually inferior selves.


Since the global warming religious folks love statistics so much, I’ll just post one showing how short-lived this current warm period is from a statistical point of view.


Worry about this dope ….:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



We don’t worry too much about side-pieces.


Any idea what the last thousand or so years on your chart indicates? Any idea why it differs from the peaks of the last 400,000 years?

Ask an authentic climate scientist, don’t ask me. I’m not one and I’m not pretending to be one with you.

I would hope you’re not pretending to be anything but a confused bystander, because a lot of us here are actual scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians.

If you think you know something because the TV told you so, then by all means, show us what a liberal arts major can regurgitate. lol

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I don’t know about the others but when you showed that you didn’t know that Britain wasn’t England, you blew your chances of being worth believing.

Techies? LOL Which of those are you?

No, I said show us what an art major can regurgitate, not how retarded you can make your posts. Use your head, child. lol

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You’re my perfect American!

So the current ‘hot’ period is about as long as the ‘hot’ period just over 100,000 years ago … but not as long-lived as the ‘hot’ period 400,000 years ago.

I wonder if Al Gore has seen this…?

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