Leftist Hannity Forum Trolls - Come Get Some



You can’t do it here. But if you could, we both know that you would.


So you were complaining about something that doesn’t actually happen?



Ummm… not at all. It happened in the forum where you came from … by you or people just like you. It’s why I’m here now.


Yeah - I’d rather not have this place turn into a shithole. You want to hear the irrelevant opinion of thousands of people? Go join Facebook. If you don’t like it here no one is forcing you to post. Although, if you are being paid to post that’s another matter entirely. If that’s the case then it’s your job to be a shill - so stop bitching.


Again, liberals deleted your posts and censored you? How were they able to do that?


I want to hear the irrelevant opinion of 200 people.


It is friendly place…I get alone with just about everyone here.


I have been on multiple sites where liberal moderators do this on a regular basis.

Liberals cannot survive in fair debate arenas.


Actually libs don’t want us to discuss issues period. They’re afraid we might become organized.

And thus why they derail, troll and do everything they can to bust up a good conversations among conservatives.

But in reality, we are extremely diverse group of people. And to have us come together scares the hell out of em.


How did you do it? It is standard procedure among libs to stop all opposing voices. You know it. I know it. Every honest person knows it. Trolls pretend otherwise.


You seem so sure. How were other posters able to stop you?


You simply want enough libs to mask and dissemble and confuse threads so that conservative opinions cannot be clearly seen by the average reader.
Rational libs can have a voice. Hoards of TDS victims are not going to add anything.


Oh, i’ve seen your “diversity.” It’s particularly evident when anyone who disagrees with you dares to enter this place.


I don’t think you have to worry about that. The “average reader” is not reading this forum.


There are multiple tools in lib bag of tools for reducing the ability of opposing voices to be heard. One of the tools is to play dumb, repeatedly ask questions that have no other purpose besides simply taking up time and space… which reduces liklihood of conservative posts being read. You are using that tool now. (And the follow on will be a strawman phrased as “So you object to anyone asking questions.”)

And then there is the best tool… use standard techniques of the intelligence agencies and hack into a moderator’s activity to find something you can blackmail him with. Then use that to make him obfuscate and lie and delete mostly conservative posts and ban legitimate conservative posters. Part of this plan involves creating disposable sock puppet accounts by libs that can be banned and used to say “see… libs are being banned too.”
Recall, your hero Hillary was mentored by a man who wrote a book called “rules for radicals”, dedicated to Lucifer. So don’t pretend that you people don’t use nefarious and dark lies to accomplish your filthy disgusting objectives.


People are disagreeing with you on political forums and all your posts are being deleted. Your world sounds very scary. Seems like a safe space is in order. Stay vigilant.


Interesting @JTO you are talking shit and whining like a little bitch but you just keep coming back…tipped your hand shill.


If you say so…


Oh yes…it’s definitely a shill. Confirmed.