Leftist Hannity Forum Trolls - Come Get Some



Some of these libs would drink bleach if they didn’t have you people to give them attention. I’m not sure how I feel about that. lol


Not a deflection… and observation. Stop worrying about whether I donated or not. If there is an issue, I’ll address it with the site owner. K?


I had been looking for that Obama / Moloch pic for a while now. Thanks.


So, you haven’t donated and are posting on the dime of others.

Well, at least you are consistent in what you stand for :laughing:


Your post… right here… is a good example.


No! Nobody likes you because usually you are wrong about the statements you make, you can’t stay on topic as you purposely try to derail them, with your anti Trump bullshit, and you are purposely obtuse almost about everything you post hence why you are being accused as a liar regularly here. You have no honor or respect for the people you respond to, which is why you are a troll. Honestly I don’t know why you come here if no one agrees with your point of views, and you certainly don’t engage in conversations with intellectual honest discourse that are mutually beneficial. That is why you get the middle finger from me on a regular basis. You are a waste of time, and certainly a waste of my good thoughts and efforts to be having any conversations with trolls like you who always have an agenda.


You obviously didn’t read the OP. You shouldn’t make claims without backup.

Sometimes I do move slightly off topic but it’s not on purpose. But that can’t be why you don’t like me… what is it hmmm

Ahhh here it is!

More baseless claims. I can be accused of a lot of things, so can you. It’s meaningless without proof.

I try to respect everyone here… I don’t call anyone names. You on the other hand have called people cock suckers… and told people to basically kill themselves. Does that sound like respect to you?

I am here to get another perspective. I certainly don’t look to you for that. But there are other people here who are genuine and try to have a civil discussion.

And yet you wrote this beautiful post just for me… you wasted 5 mins on me to type this. Not sure why.


Again more bullshit diatribe from you! Thanks for proving my point! And BTW, there is plenty of evidence to back up my statement, I don’t need to pull the references for you, as you already know this as others have made similar statements to support this and pointed it out to you!

Case in point! No you don’t sometimes do it, you do it quite consistently and its on purpose! You have an agenda, and that is clear, so don’t even try to keep playing it off.

Ha ha! Yeah right! (Sarcasm) Is that why you consistently respond to threads I create with unrelated topics of anti Trump rhetoric? Wait! let me get my boots because the bullshit is getting deep here!

Nice try! The only people who respond to you know no better then to feed a dumbass troll like you! Only reason is they have time to kill! Like I said You are a waste of human capital! Thanks for playing!


Not my problem that you have failed to comprehend the OP.


asking questions is trollish?



This one too. You are a natural.


Yes it is when your too lazy to use Google yourself and expecting others to do it for you! Such a leftist thing to do!



There are private groups here. Great fun.


You and I have different definitions of quality.


What is the point of this thread?


Is someone deleting your posts? Are you being censored?


Did someone drop you on your head when you were a child?


Put your thinking cap on big boy!


This place seems so friendly. i can’t imagine why there are not thousands of people joining on a daily basis.