Leftist Hannity Forum Trolls - Come Get Some



That’s refreshing. Wish others would follow suit.


Girl, seriously?

The ENTIRE board has recognized him and others as being a trolls.


I put you as someone that I respect but you usually debate in good faith. However this dumbass notion that you actually think I am a NY Republican is ridiculous.

However not that it should matter either way… I am her to have healthy debates with people who think the opposite of me on most things. Should not matter your political leaning or where you live.


There’s like this tiny <1% chance. Highly, highly unlikely. But…unless we can match his IP address with that of a member at the other board, we don’t know for sure. But you’re right, there’s a high probability that he is in fact, from the other board.


I wonder what your IP address is, as well as your area code?

On the second paragraph…I don’t think you are. You wouldn’t resort to so many logical fallacies and actually read the articles people post for you if you were truly here to have a discussion or a debate.

I wonder what happened to people trying to persuade people, not being hateful and pushing others away in attempt to make their voice heard? Politics used to be more civil, but alas…


I’m sure some people did follow a group of you here… idk. But let’s say they did, would that be a bad thing? Maybe they left “the other board” for the same reasons you did?

Just not sure why there is so much focus on that… I’d say as long as they are here to have a respectful debate… they should be welcomed. Simply calling some a troll because they MIGHT be from another board is ridiculous


Why is this important?

I read the OP before I comment. In some cases… the OP is devoid of facts. In others the OP is unrelated to the thread title. Sometimes the OP is spot on and well articulated. Again… I am here to have a debate. So if I disagree with the OP I’ll say it. If I agree with the OP I’ll say it. Seems your problem is that I am not allowed to disagree with an OP.

You could also find a thread were you have an example of my logical fallacies? Find it an post it here, I’ll read it and address your evidence.


How condescending and patronizing of you.

“Your” own words.

However, you being a liar shouldn’t matter, cause you know… it is healthy to have debates with liars and shills. :roll_eyes:


No one cares where you came from.

That you are a liar and a troll isn’t up for debate. You proved that all by you lonesome.


You do apparently…

What have I lied about again? Who I am? Lol. We are on an anonymous discussion board. Literally anybody can be anything they want. No one is going to post their birth certificate, address, phone number and blood sample.

By your measure, you are a liar too. I think you are a fake too. I don’t think you own your own business.

To prove me wrong, post your real name, business name, address and selfie. :joy:


Not really. Just care about trolls and shills on the board. Nothing personal that you fit the description.

BTW, did you donate yet or are you still posting on everyone else’s dime?


I was referenced in this thread, but I’m not sure what this is about. I don’t participate in Sean Hannity’s twitter feed.

Sounds like people are upset that internet users are posting on this public forum?

Odd attitude.

If you want a private group, you could move to facebook I think.


Can you define trollish or shrillish behavior?


It is a simple matter to change one’s IP address with VPN.


Yes, I can…


Sure. You’ve accused me of being from this other board a few times. For someone who doesn’t care… you sure do bring it up a lot.

Flattering to see how much you care about me


Not here…here you can tell em to…well you know. :wink:


This is how I define a troll response. Instead of answering his question you just respond with this trollish post.


Well, that would be a typical narcissistic deflection.

You see, I care about the BOARD as a whole, not you.

So, answer the question. Have you donated or are you still posting on everyone else’s dime?


Then stop asking rhetorical questions. YOU are the epitome of a “trollish” shill.