Leftist Hannity Forum Trolls - Come Get Some



Lol - as if user count has anything to do with quality. Nice try though.


Sounds like I need to check out the “other board”. Whoever was over there sure did a number on some members here. Everyone is internet scared…


Shills gonna shill. What’s your rate?


The irony of this is striking… make wild accusations, without facts… while telling “leftist shills” that if they don’t use facts and logic then their “other board” will be raided.

You can internet raid any board you want… I came here to get another perspective and have healthy discussion.

I appreciate the perspectives of @Zantax @Conan @FlameHeart @max-webster and a few others here as they usually provide counter points that come with facts.


I’m not for sale… but thanks anyway


…excerpt for the mistakes.


Play your game. You are a hannity lib troll …all of you and we all know it.


Safe? Is that all you liberals can think about is “safe”? You’ve missed the entire point of the thread.


Free speech is not safe as long as there is one progressive liberal with the ability to delete a post or censor Americans.


We know their games and tactics. It won’t fly here.

Again though, notice how they immediately jump to “safe” and “fear” when that is not what the thread is even remotely about?




Nothing, that corpse has been on the floor for a few years now. For what ever reason, the 30 or so leftovers still think they can “save” it. lol


What did they do to you? Seriously…

You @DMK @Zantax @FlameHeart @Conan all accuse people who differ from you as people from “the other board” (scary ghost voice). Did you flee persecution? Life threatened? What is it.


It’s pretty obvious, I think. You wouldn’t have known about this place had we not come here.

Granted, there’s the chance that you are not from another board, but your posting style is very similar to another poster on another board, so much so that I think that the evidence is too much to be a coincidence.


We’re just tired of people following us around trying to troll us. Anyone would get tired of stalking. It takes a special kind of messed up person to go around stalking people on the Internet.


Let them participate in all of the joy and revelry. They can’t actually formulate an argument. It always just left wing talking points that they hear on MSNBC or get directed by their paymasters to repeat.


The problem is, they are eventually going to try to bait us into saying something that will get us banned. :confused:


But that’s not how it works here. There is a thread right now on the only person to have been banned here to date. Kelly provided screenshots of why she banned the person.

I’ve been with these guys since the days of Political Debate Forums. They don’t just ban like that.

Look at my name! That name alone would get you banned in most places.


Dude, I simply called you out for being the liar that you are.

One person using your account is a manager living in California the next is a NYC republican which then changes to a NY Republican.


Hmm I don’t recall doing any such thing. I don’t care one way or another where you came from.