Leftist Hannity Forum Trolls - Come Get Some



Umm not really, all that took was not giving up our online nicks, anybody with google could figure out where we went from there. I am willing to change mine if someone tells me how but its a no brainer that doing a search for my nick could lead them here.


Ehh - don’t worry about it @Zantax. You are correct. It’s not like the site isn’t searchable. @Ocasio2018 is just getting into REEEEE mode.


Well I’m not going to get into this but I haven’t figured out who yet. I do know they’re resourceful and when you google up some names they pop up.

Me, when you google Conan good luck finding me. :wink:


Personally I don’t mind a few libs to kick around. Would get kind of boring if everyone agreed with me.


All I know I’m in good standing here and over there and I don’t like what’s going on…so keep me the fuck out of it.


Well your name is buried in the search results by a few more famous Conan’s, Zantax isn’t.


Wait - you guys want to go party for a bit over at that Hannity forum? What is there to do? That place is already a mess. There are spammy ads all over the place, half the avatars don’t load, the pictures in the threads look all small and shit, how much worse are you gonna make it? It already looks beyond fucked up.

Also - I think Hannity is a cuck but that dude should check out his own site once in a while - wew - it’s like a Robert Mueller fan club.


Kind of the reason I am here, that place may as well be huffpo or the DU at this point.


I just got kicked from politicalforum.com and I had been on freebird on/off but when that got taken down no one knew where to go. I followed some clues and got here though.

Hannity is a big target - makes sense his board would be loaded with shills like that.


You should be getting people worth saving the hell out of there. You are literally serving as punching bags for leftist shills and content generators for Hannity ad clicks.


Years ago the owner of that forum wanted to invite me to round table discussion to improving the forum. Right after that two of his liberal mods gave me and infraction over some BS. So I PM the owner and said no thanks.

Apparently those libs didn’t want me at the table.

Edit to add. Correction three warnings after invitation by their lib mods.

Screenshot of tail end of conversation.

I know where I’m not wanted. :wink:


I forgot about that place years ago. You can’t say anything there without at least two dozen people being over the top offended and getting their moderators involved.


That’s a great response. I spent a solid two years posting there only to get banned because I pissed off one of the annointed ones when I would not back down in my argument. They got the mods involved and I was gone. I didn’t say anything crazy. I just wouldn’t back down off my position. It had something to do with the Occupy Wall Street movement and me calling them a bunch of lazy socialists. Apparently that was forbidden.


Sounds like nothing had changed over the 4 years since I was there.


You’re special. …


Thank you, don’t know which way to take this…pat myself on the back or give myself a swift kick.


Target, exactly!!!

Now they crapped it up so bad that they are branching out.


Never knew where “there” was!


Whoa… hold your horses there.

We were very careful never to mention this board and if we needed to reference it had an alternate name for it. Why? Because we din’t want them coming over here anymore than you did. Having experienced the leftist shills over there, we actually had MORE reason not to want them here.

As @Zantax said, a search of usernames left a trail.


There are less than 200 users here. I think you’re safe.