Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


It’s the police who have said they can find no evidence of the assault or anything to corroborate his story.


In a case like this it will be difficult to prosecute for a false report.

There’s a big leap from “no evidence it happened” to, “we can prove you lied”.

With the politics involved I am doubtful the DA would even consider it unless it’s a slam dunk.


Unless a camera caught him putting on the noose himself.


The police have said no evidence of assault? I don’t think so.


Police Reviewed ‘Hundreds of Hours’ of Video Footage, No Evidence of Attack On Jussie Smollett


Has he, or his manager, given the police access to their phones to verify that part of the story yet?

I mean, he is wanting these guys found right? He wants to give the police as much info as he can right?


At this point I don’t think he wants to give them anything they can use against him.


I know, I was being facetious.:grinning:


Just playing off of your ball… .


I have a feeling this isn’t going to end the way some people want it to. :wink:


Yeah, that’s becoming quite apparent.

As soon as the bigoted MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters vanished into thin air that was the case.


I’m wondering if police will file a false report…oh wait who was that major again?

Oh yeah Rahm Emanuel.

Yep…story will be buried.


I doubt it, proving something flat did not happen and the report was filed with intent of falsifying the incident is tough bar.

Of course, with the politics involved here it’s even more unlikely.


You are forgetting something or someone aren’t you?


It says he remembered differently after the second interview with police. The MAGA reference was added. I wonder why Christine Ford’s hippocampus was such an accurate and reliable recorder but Smollett’s seems like Homer Simpson telling a fish story.


Ok Ish, that’s just plain funny.


The Chicago Police Department is casting doubt on the actor’s story.

An investigation was launched after Jussie Smollett reported an attack. The Chicago Police department initially announced that the case would be treated with care as a potential hate crime. After running into issues with gaps in video footage and other setbacks, legal authorities have decided to specify that Jussie Smollett will be held accountable if his report proved to be false.


Gay Racist Mulatto Jew Jussie Smollett is Going to Jail!


Have no fear. The FBI is on it. Solving this particular case will be a walk in the park for our learned G-men.


They won’t touch him. With Chicago, Illinois, and national politics being what they are they will drop it.