Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


There’s a reason the term “healthy skepticism” was coined. I helps keep one from deluding themselves.


Which is what separates us from the liberals. :wink:


I like how we are the bad guys for hoping it didn’t happen and liberals are the good guys for hoping it did. How’s that for twisted? They want it to be true. Damaging their political enemies Trumps everything else. Even though, even if it did happen, it’s absurd to blame millions of other people who had nothing to do with it. So yeah, I am guilty of finding it hard to believe that racism is so rampant in that area that there are packs of rednecks roaming the streets of downtown Chicago at all hours of the night in frigid weather with pre-made nooses.

That the left hates Trump voters enough to make up the story however, is fairly evident by their rush to believe the unbelievable based on the uncorroborated statement of one person who obviously shares their hatred. Even in the face of hundreds of recent examples of their political brethren doing exactly that.

Here is a quick list of seventeen of them in the first month after Trump won the election



Anyone know who this is?


If it’s true, it helps them make their case against Trump, MAGA/Fans, and the whole of the republican party and conservatives so of course they have a lot to gain by pushing it as true irrespective of the facts.


Duke Lacross accuser.
It happens.
False accusations.


Looks like the normies are starting to wake up to the fact that Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Jussie Smollett were all in on this together.


Turns out Kamala Harris and Jussie Smollett are actually pretty tight and have been photographed at a number of events together.

Both Harris and Smollett are both connected to Obama’s Justice League - which is about as a race-baiting social club for pandering SJWs and leftist elites trying to stay connected to the “community”.

Of course, we don’t hear a word about this and have to do the job that (((journalists))) are supposed to be doing, but that’s fine. One way or another the truth is going to come out. Hopefully right before the DNC primaries.


More conspiracies. This proves what exactly? That Jussie assaulted himself to help pass a bill that already passed the senate 100-0?


Kamela Harris is friends with a lot of celebrities. What does this prove?


What part of conspiracy suggests that he assaulted himself? By definition, there must be at least two people involved.


There’s no evidence of an assault period.


Nope. Doesn’t even sound plausible, let alone true.


You don’t know that, unless you are a part of the investigation? I guess the police are investigating nothing then.


Call them up and say you were robbed, they’ll investigate. That doesn’t prove you were.


Cops are investigating. And i think they know what they are investigating. Smollett had to go back and get “interviewed” again.

Ms Smollett is gonna get caught, I think.


You keep saying that like it means something. Refresh my memory, is passing the Senate the final step in a bills journey to become a law?


Nope but the Senate is the hardest place to pass a Democrat proposed bill. If the senate can pass 100-0 then the democrat lead house can pass.


So … you are basing your assumptions on something that you admit you know nothing about?