Kamala Harris and the Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax


Or just because he hates Trump. Not like it’s a secret that he does. See the photo I posted earlier.


Cameras everywhere, but the ebil wypipo outsmarted all of the cameras. Two white guys in ski masks is such a common site in Chicago especially with such a huge presence of Trump supporters there. And wypipo are notorious for beating up gay Black men that never have anyone else around with them.

It’s almost as if media is being used as a tool to skew facts are sew discordance. Who would do such a thing?



When this “happened” Chicago’s wind-chill was -35 to -50F.

So we are to believe white supremacists watch Empire (a black show) and even know who Jussie is.

And they are hanging out all night in a murder capital in frostbite weather with bleach and a noose :rofl:

And recognize Jussie (who is probably all bundled up)

And attack him just like predicted in a letter the week prior.

And Jussie later remembers them yelling MAGA (which sounds like faggot).

And he drivers himself to the hospital instead of going back into the Subway.

And the police find video of Jussie at the Subway - but no perps or their car (when there are cameras everywhere).



Typical troll response. I already said this.

Also… BTW…
Conspiracy requires two or more colluding together.


Not to mention a bottle of bleach.


No, we do not know he was assaulted; we know he reported having been assaulted.

No, you and many others suspect it was a hate crime; others suspect that he made it up because of the bizarre nature of the allegations (who the heck carries a rope and a bottle of bleach with them out at 2:00 am hoping to run across a black, gay, celebrity to assault?) and the refusal of the “victim” to cooperate with investigators, and because of his connection to a controversial liberal pollical candidate.

The two dudes were caught on video blocks from where the alleged assault occurred. They just happened to be the only two people seen by cameras out on the street at 2:00 am.

This is not a conspiracy theory, it is common sense. It does not pass the smell test, just like so many other false allegations of national news prominence of the past.


So you believe that he could have been assaulted for being gay and not assaulted for being black?


Did he assault himself? What are the police investigating if he wasn’t assaulted?


If - and that’s a big if - he was assaulted at all, then yes.


He probably got in a spat with his boyfriend … or maybe tried to pick up a straight guy (who just happened to be buying bleach and rope at an all night hardware store. :wink: )

No … more than likely, his “assailant” was in on it and the police are investigating because he is a celebrity and the media is hot on the story.


No you don’t…


Based on what you’ve seen or read so far… I don’t know how you get from there to where you are. I know it’s your opinion but it has zero basis in fact.

You and everyone could just reserve judgement and wait for the investigation to complete. You know “if this happened then this is horrible and has no place in our society”. You could leave it at that… why the conspiracies?


Then he assaulted himself?


You don’t know he was assaulted at all.


Well I’d like to see your counter evidence. Or is this your unfounded opinion.


A: Yes, bleach does freeze . There are various concentrations of bleach , and each will respond at a different temperature. The chlorine content of the bleach will determine at what point the bleach will freeze . If you are talking about a bottle of household belach, then it will be around 18 or 19 degrees F.Nov 12, 2012


I read that when the police arrived they did not smell bleach on his person.


The smell test may not be based on fact, but it is based on logic, common sense and experience. You are right, everything he claims may be the truth, but still, the skepticism is warranted.


Kamala Harris , biggest hypocrite since Hillary Clinton.


I doubt it was a coordinated effort and if it was there will likely never be any evidence to show it however I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that he did it to help her out and raise his own public profile with leftists.